Equipment Rentals for Flood Damage

Flooding can happen to anyone, regardless of location. Statistics indicate that 33 floods in the U.S. from 1980 through 2020 each accounted for billions of dollars in economic damages. The good news is that there are many types of equipment available to help you manage flood cleanup. If you're planning a flood damage cleanup project or have an emergency, rentals can help you reduce losses and improve productivity.

While you may need the occasional piece of flood equipment when accidents and weather disasters occur, it's possible to lower long-term costs by renting equipment from your local dealer. There are many types of flood damage cleanup solutions available for rent, and the right Cat® dealer can set you up with flexible terms.


If you're searching for the best flood equipment, choose a high-quality pump rental. Flood pumps help remove excess water from flooded areas, such as basements and work sites. Whether you're working on a large or small site, a pump rental can help you salvage more property and valuables after a flood. You can easily dispose of the collected water in a drain after emptying the flooded locations.

Heating Systems

After a flood, moisture can remain on and inside property, causing damage to porous and nonporous surfaces alike. You can restore the affected equipment and assets more quickly with the help of heater rentals.

Heat drying is a quick way to evaporate moisture, especially when combined with dehumidifiers and other flood cleanup equipment. Heating systems are a great option if you need to remove moisture from a space in a short amount of time. This can help prevent the development of mold, mildew, rot and other issues that may cause long-term damage.


If the property you're working on is still damp after a flood, you can also use dehumidifiers to remove moisture. A dehumidifier works by drying out the air in an enclosed space, which can help prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Additionally, using a dehumidifier can help speed up the drying process of surfaces and other objects that may be wet. Because it takes time for these machines to remove the moisture, they're most useful in combination with other equipment types.

Fans and Air Movers

Rental fans of all shapes and sizes can help expedite flood cleanup by drying wet surfaces. These devices operate by moving the air around, and they help moisture evaporate over time.

With a powerful air mover, you can dry both hard and soft surfaces. Fan and air mover rentals are designed to suit the needs of professionals who need to restore flooded areas more quickly and prevent the loss of valuable items.

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