Tips for Using a Generator Safely

Temporary power allows your crew to continue working in case of an outage. Whether you are using the technology to operate machines or run a series of lights, following generator safety tips ensures that your rentals operate as intended. Home generators and industrial generators differ in terms of output, but it's always wise to keep the following safety rules in mind when handling power generation equipment:

1. Refer to Manufacturer Instructions

Before using a generator set, always read the manufacturer's manual for setup procedures. Generator sets for residential, commercial and industrial projects handle enough electricity to cause severe injury, so having a professional install the technology is recommended. 

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2. Run Generator Sets in an Open Space

One of the most important generator safety rules is to position the equipment away from enclosed areas. Generator sets should be set up outdoors to eliminate dangers due to exhaust fumes. Gas-powered models emit carbon monoxide, so proper ventilation is essential.

Extension cords are useful in situations that require users to power the equipment indoors.

3. Let Generators Sit Before Refueling

A generator set can become hot to the touch with prolonged use. It's best to always allow the unit to power down and cool off before adding fuel to the tank, as spilling diesel fuel or gasoline on a running engine results in a fire hazard.

4. Keep Generator Sets Away From Moisture

When working in remote locations, shield generator sets from environmental elements. Have a professional install the technology below an awning or open canopy. Anyone handling a generator should wear protective gloves and dry their hands completely before plugging equipment into the device.

5. Select the Correct Fuel Type

Electric generators call for specific fuel mixtures. Review the manufacturer's instructions to select the appropriate fuel type and grade for safe operation. In some cases, you'll need to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuels from creating buildup inside the tank.

6. Power on the Generator Set Before Connecting Equipment

Disconnect any power tools, machines and appliances before activating a generator. Always use three-prong extension cords when connecting accessories, and prioritize power delivery based on the task at hand. Switching on power tools and equipment one unit at a time (if possible) reduces your chances of overloading the system.

7. Watch for Electrical "Backfeed"

Electric generators are unsuitable to power a residential or commercial structure in their stock form. Under no circumstances should a user plug a generator into a wall outlet or electrical panel without the guidance of a licensed electrician.

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