When to Use Handheld vs. Walk-Behind Saws

When to Use Handheld vs. Walk-Behind Saws

Handheld and walk-behind saws are valuable tools on any construction site. Before deciding to rent one, it's essential you determine which one is beneficial for your application. Handheld and walk-behind saws are both useful and work well in specific circumstances.

2 Types of Handheld Saws and When to Use Them

As the name implies, you can hold and transport handheld saws wherever you need them on the job site. Handheld saws are ideal when speed is more important than accuracy. There are two main types of handheld saws, both of which serve distinct purposes.

1. Cut-Off Saws

Cut-off saws are easy to move throughout your job site. Many of them have blades between 13 and 14 inches. The blades are circular, abrasive and can cut through different materials. At The Cat® Rental Store, we carry several cut-off saw models, including:

  • Diamond SC7314: Use this saw with a 14-inch blade. The saw's internal system is designed to optimize performance by reducing vibration during operation.
  • Multiquip HS81A: Rent this Multiquip saw, which also has a 14-inch blade. It can cut at a depth of up to 5 inches.
  • Husqvarna K750 14: Try the Husqvarna saw at your next job site. It has 5.0 horsepower and a 14-inch blade.
  • Wacker Neuson BTS 935 L3: Rent this saw for a slightly smaller blade, at 13.8-inch and 4.4 horsepower, without sacrificing quality.

A handheld saw is a good choice if you need to create wall openings or perform surface jobs, such as curbing holes in slab. Handheld cut-off saws are commonly used for cutting asphalt, pipes and concrete.

2. Tile Saws

Tile or table saws are another good choice. While these are not the same setup as regular handheld saws, they perform similar operations. Tile saws are mainly used to cut ceramic tiles. They are specifically designed for the properties of ceramic, which is why you will likely need one of these portable saws if you are doing anything with tile. However, many tile saws are also compatible with other materials.

Whether you are working with concrete tiles, one of the benefits of using a tile saw is that it is more precise than a tile cutter. At The Cat Rental Store, you can rent two types of table saws:

  • Multiquip MP3: The table saw can cut at depths of up to 5 inches. It is equipped with performance-enhancing features and has a lightweight design for portability. You can use this saw to cut roofing tiles, bricks, stone, interlocking pavers and blocks.
  • Multiquip TPX7: The blade on this Multiquip saw is 7 inches. The saw has water-cooling capabilities to ensure it runs at the proper temperature without overheating. You can use this saw in multiple conditions.

When to Use a Walk-Behind Saw

Walk-behind saws are larger and often used in concrete or masonry applications. The difference between these saws and handheld ones is where the operator is positioned. The user will be standing behind the saw, holding onto the handles as they cut through different materials. 

These saws often work a bit faster than their handheld counterparts, which can benefit certain situations. Walk-behind saws provide precise, sharp cuts, and they work well for these materials:

  • Asphalt
  • Sidewalks
  • Warehouse and basement floors
  • Concrete driveways
  • Highways

You can also use these saws to cut grooves into slabs. Some of the saws in our inventory will even allow you to perform trenching and patch repair work.

Types of Walk-Behind Saws 

At The Cat Rental Store, you can find several types of walk-behind saws, such as:

  • Diamond-CC3535JBV-26: This is a mid-size saw with a self-propelled drive. It is simple to use and has an exceptional amount of torque.
  • Miller Spreader-Saw 1: This saw is easy to maneuver and arrives with a front-cutting guide. It has a box frame construction to reduce vibration and increase stability during operation.
  • Multiquip-SP2S13H20: This saw can cut to depths of up to 7.5 inches. It has a 13 horsepower engine to maximize power, and the saw's position guide lets you make straight cuts.
  • Multiquip-SP2S20H: This Multiquip self-propelled slab saw has a 20-inch blade guard and cuts to depths of up to 7.5 inches. It runs on an 18 horsepower engine.
  • Target-Pro 65III D 30: This Target concrete saw has a 30-inch blade capacity. It runs on a diesel engine and can cut depths of up to 12.0 inches.

Rent Handheld and Walk-Behind Saws From The Cat® Rental Store

Determine which saw is suitable for your application and rent one from The Cat Rental Store dealer near you. Learn more about our products, request a quote or ask questions by calling 1-800-RENT-CAT or browsing our equipment online today.

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