How Construction Companies Work With Real Estate Companies

How Construction Companies Work With Real Estate Companies

While it might seem like construction teams and real estate agents are in completely different arenas, they both have a similar goal — to sell homes. The construction companies do the building, but those homes need to be sold to continue the business. Real estate agents make it easier to reach interested buyers, which is why they are crucial to your processes.

How to Find Real Estate Agents to Work With

One of the best ways to capture the interest of real estate agents is through hosting an open house. Allowing these individuals to come see your homes gives you an effective way to start conversations with them. Ensure you get to know the real estate agents and encourage them to ask questions.

You can also explain your typical selling process and make the case for why partnering with your company is beneficial. If you don't have an open house, you can set up a meeting with agents directly or invite an entire office for a personalized tour of your homes.

How Do Real Estate Agents Work With Construction Professionals?

Working with a real estate agent is an essential part of new build construction. If you want to continue working on projects, you need to sell homes quickly. A real estate agent makes it much easier to do that so you can focus on what you do best.

Improved Listing Reach

While a construction company's sales department could list the new builds, using a trusted real estate agent is easier and gets your homes in front of the right people. A real estate agent knows how to market a new build — even if that home isn't complete yet. 

With 3D models and floor plans, you and your real estate agent can list the new build easily and quickly make a sale.

Increased Revenue

When construction companies collaborate with home builders, both teams see an increase in profits. For example, if a real estate agent refers buyers to their trusted construction partners, the interested prospects are more likely to find something they like and make the sale. As a result, home builders see increased conversion rates and land more deals faster.

Equipment Used in New Builds

The responsibilities of real estate agents vs. construction workers are quite different. While they focus on helping you sell the houses, your goal is to create great options that appeal to potential buyers. To do that, you need the right construction equipment. 

Common equipment found at residential construction sites includes:

  • Excavators: Excavators are found at many construction sites because of their versatility. They have an arm and a bucket that you can use to move earth, remove brush and demolish old structures. Many residential sites will use mini or medium excavators.
  • Bulldozers: Bulldozers work well for preparing your site. You can use them to level the terrain, create lanes or start a driveway. They also double as earthmovers and material handlers.
  • Skid loaders: Skid loaders work well for residential construction, particularly driveway and yard preparation. These machines can dig, haul and dump materials with the right attachments.
  • Backhoes: Like many of these machines, backhoes are versatile pieces of equipment that allow you to do anything from digging to material handling and unloading.
  • Air compressors: If you need to use pneumatic tools on your build site, an air compressor is a must. You can choose one that fits any need, whether you only require it for a few tools or many.
  • Wheel loaders: A wheel loader has a large bucket on the front to move materials around your site. These are durable machines that can easily maneuver on a variety of terrain types.

Although these are some of the more popular equipment pieces found on residential job sites, there are plenty of others that fit niche applications. Using high-quality, durable equipment when building a home lets you get the job done right and accomplish more faster, adding up to more sales and greater profits.

Rent Durable Equipment to Build Homes That Sell

If you're taking on a slate of new homes, you need the right equipment to ensure they are in great condition before real estate agents come knocking. Renting excavators, loaders, backhoes and other machines is an excellent way to test this essential equipment before adding a new model to your fleet. It also works well for covering gaps if your owned machines require maintenance or for acquiring specialized models you only need temporarily.

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