Electric Construction Equipment

Electric Construction Equipment

Electric construction equipment can be a powerful asset on construction sites. Keep reading to learn what electric equipment is and how it can benefit your construction company.

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Electric Equipment vs. Diesel Equipment 

Electric heavy machinery functions differently than diesel options. Your diesel equipment has an engine that requires fuel to power it. When choosing diesel construction equipment, you must have enough fuel to last your projects. Diesel construction equipment emits carbon dioxide, so this machinery needs to operate in open spaces that won't harm operators or other employees. 

Electric construction equipment pulls power from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These options allow you to operate equipment throughout the entire battery life without needing to refuel. Many batteries have high power densities, giving them enough fuel to withstand full workdays on sites and meet construction power needs. For increased strength, some models come with two batteries. 

The lithium-ion battery supports and powers the electric engine. When the battery gets low, you can plug it in to let it charge back to full capacity.

hybrid construction equipment provide the flexibility and sustainability

When implementing electric solutions on your construction sites, you can ease the transition with hybrid options. Hybrid construction equipment operates on battery power and a diesel engine. These choices provide the flexibility and sustainability that come with using an electric model combined with the power of diesel. 

4 Benefits of Electric Construction Equipment 

Electric construction equipment offers many advantages to projects and teams. Using the right equipment for your needs can help you accomplish growth and improvement goals or implement safer practices on sites. 

1. Eliminate Carbon Emissions 

When you want to increase sustainability, electric construction equipment eliminates carbon emissions. Because this solution functions on a rechargeable battery and an electric motor engine, it doesn't emit a byproduct when running. This option is excellent for implementing greener solutions and supporting the environment. A lack of emissions means electric equipment is also suitable for indoor use.

2. Increase Functionality and Safety

Electric equipment is incredibly versatile. Many manufacturers and dealers are investing in electric equipment, allowing construction companies to access many of the newest features in the industry. Additionally, many electric construction equipment options are more lightweight and compact, making them suitable for smaller, tighter spaces on your job sites. Smaller models operate well in indoor spaces, and the lack of emissions makes electric equipment safer for your employees. 

Hybrid options help you optimize the benefits of diesel and electric construction equipment. Diesel is great when you have fuel but not an electrical energy source. If your battery dies, a hybrid model means you can switch to the diesel engine and maintain operations. Hybrid means moving easily between indoor and outdoor spaces with the same equipment without compromising employee health and safety with diesel emissions. 

3. Reduce Costs 

When you want to save money on projects, electric construction equipment can help. Because this equipment operates on its rechargeable battery, you can avoid diesel fuel costs. Electric models also optimize energy use by shutting off whenever they aren't in operation. 

Maintenance is also easier with electric equipment. Lithium-ion batteries and electric motors require less regular maintenance for optimal functionality, enabling your teams to remain focused on daily tasks. These models typically have fewer parts, requiring fewer repairs and maintenance, as well.

you can reduce costs with more efficient work site operations

While electric construction equipment can save teams money on fuel, you can also reduce costs with more efficient work site operations and functionality. Your teams can spend less time refueling to get started on tasks sooner. Lower chances of repairs and replacements mean your teams have increased access to equipment, allowing them to meet deadlines and keep working on projects.  

4. Decrease Noise Pollution

Making less noise on construction sites increases comfort and decreases the effects of noise pollution. This pollution type can cause many adverse effects on people, including: 

  • Hearing loss
  • Increased stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Higher blood pressure

Electric construction equipment can help your company make a more enjoyable experience for clients, employees and anyone near your job site. Without the complex diesel motor, electric equipment is much quieter. When working in a busy area or residential neighborhood, using electric equipment can draw less attention to your operations and allow residents to continue their day as usual. 

Your employees and equipment operators can also experience increased comfort when using electric equipment. The noise can affect their hearing and mood when they have to stand next to loud equipment all day. Employees might have to wear bulky protective gear to keep their ears safe. Because electric equipment is quieter, you can help protect your employees' ears and create an environment where they can better communicate with this equipment type. 

Whether your site has only your employees or is in a residential area, you can protect the health and safety of everyone involved with equipment that reduces noise pollution. 

Types of Electric Construction Equipment

types of electric construction equipment

As manufacturers develop newer technology and electric solutions, more electric options will become available. Already, you can find several common construction equipment types in electric models, including: 

  • Forklifts: As standard construction equipment, forklifts have embraced the shift toward electric power. This equipment type has a competitive market, encouraging manufacturers to implement quality features with electric forklifts. For example, you might find models that include automatic reminders for service and self-diagnose problems.  
  • Excavators: Excavators are powerful earthmoving equipment, allowing you to move materials and dig efficiently. Various sizes, including mini excavator models, make them increasingly versatile, so you can apply them to every job site and project. Electric models can further extend their functionality to meet project and environmental needs. 
  • Loaders: Like excavators, loaders help construction teams transport materials and carry out tasks on construction sites. Attachments make them more customizable to your needs so you can increase your functionality without purchasing new equipment. Different steering and track options help match your equipment to your site. With electric loaders, you can decrease noise and boost efficiency. 

Construction companies often put off investing in new technology. As electric solutions become more popular, your company can better meet customer expectations and industry standards by integrating electric construction equipment. If you aren't ready to invest, you can try out electric machinery for your operations with an equipment rental.

invest in electric construction equipment with The Cat Rental Store dealers

Invest in Electric Construction Equipment With The Cat® Rental Store Dealers

When your construction company wants to benefit from electric construction equipment, renting allows you to match your project specifications to your equipment use. With renting, you can switch heavy machinery for each project and increase efficiency by investing in multiple models for various tasks. This option also allows you to access the best equipment on the market and test the newest technology, including electric equipment. 

To further support the construction industry's shift to electric power equipment, Caterpillar unveiled four electric prototypes in late October 2022. These options run on a battery prototype with an AC charger for additional energy. The four models include mini and medium excavators, a medium wheel loader and a compact wheel loader. With these innovations, Caterpillar hopes to continue to embrace sustainability and innovation.

For quality equipment rentals and a comprehensive selection, The Cat® Rental Store has more than 1,300 locations worldwide. Your local dealers can pair you with the equipment best suited for your projects and help you understand the benefits of electric construction equipment. 

Find a dealer location near you today and discover how electric equipment rentals can support your next project.

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