Equipment Rental for Industrial Siding Projects

Equipment Rental for Industrial Siding Projects

Many business owners choose to side made of metal, vinyl and other materials when designing and constructing their industrial and commercial buildings. Siding provides excellent protection against the elements and can also meet the project's aesthetic requirements. 

If your company sells or installs industrial siding, you need specialized equipment to help you get the job done. The Cat® Rental Store is the best source for industrial siding equipment rentals. We offer an extensive selection of equipment at affordable rates, along with flexible terms and top-notch service. With more than 1,300 convenient locations, you can find a store near you that's ready to meet your needs. 

Choose From an Assortment of Equipment Rentals for Siding Projects

The diverse nature of industrial siding installation jobs requires multiple types of equipment ranging from handheld tools to machines that can transport large quantities of materials and supplies. Examples include:

  • Air compressorsYou probably use power drills, nail guns and other types of pneumatically powered equipment during installation. Our stores carry diesel-powered portable air compressors in a wide range of air pressure and output options that will keep your tools functioning at maximum capacity. They're also towable, which allows you to move and place them at ideal site locations. 
  • Material handling machinesIndustrial siding projects often require working at heights. Our inventory includes material handling equipment that enables you to get materials to your crews in an efficient, safe manner. Options include straight mast forklifts, material handlers and telehandlers.
  • Aerial equipmentBesides getting equipment to an elevated location, you'll also need to get your crews there as well. The Cat Rental Store near you is your one-stop headquarters for vertical personnel, boom and scissor lifts that will put your workers in the ideal position to complete their tasks — and keep them safe as they work.
  • Utility trailersDo you need a fast, convenient way to get siding and other materials to your job sites? Utility trailers make it easy to haul large quantities of products. Just connect them to your vehicles and tow them to wherever you need them. 
  • GeneratorsYou might need a reliable source of electrical power, especially when working on a brand-new building or at a remote location. We offer an assortment of generators from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers in a variety of sizes, configurations and power output capacities. 

Excellent Service With Every Industrial Siding Project Equipment Rental

The Cat Rental Store will do whatever it takes to maximize your renting experience. We'll help you find the right equipment at a competitive rate and provide timely repair and maintenance service. We'll also work with you to set up a company-friendly rental plan that meets your business's unique requirements. 

Contact Us to Start the Rental Process

To learn more about equipment rentals for industrial siding projects, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT today. You can also request a quick quote by filling out and submitting our online contact form.

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