What Is an Interior Laser?

What Is an Interior Laser?

An interior laser level is a measuring tool that emits a light beam to assist with accurate measurements and leveling. Depending on the model, a laser level can stretch between 100 and 2,000 feet. This reference is ideal for a range of projects, from leveling a floor to installing pipes.

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The Purpose of Interior Lasers

An interior laser emits a laser in the form of fixed dots, lines or a combination onto a horizontal or vertical plane. The constant visual reference helps operators achieve the ideal results for leveling, alignment, placement and more. You can align your work to the reference beam to ensure it's straight and precise.

Benefits of Interior Laser Levels

Interior lasers offer several advantages compared to leveling with physical objects like a tape measure. Some of the benefits include:

  • High accuracy: Compared to a tape measure, interior lasers produce more precise readings. For this reason, a laser is a better reference point for projects that need the highest degree of accuracy. Physical methods are less likely to be accurate because leveling is more challenging.
  • Long stretch capabilities: Interior lasers can stretch across large surfaces with greater support and stability for professional applications. You can use a laser level on your own and see the line extend hundreds or thousands of feet. With a tape measure, you would need a helper to hold it in place.
  • Safety: The laser in this type of level has a low power that is safe for indoor and outdoor applications.

Where to Use a Laser Level

Laser levels are common in the surveying and construction industries. Builders, carpenters, plumbers and contractors use interior lasers for tasks ranging from simple projects to large-scale installations.

Indoor tasks that benefit from a laser level include:

  • Ceiling tile installation.
  • Drywall and frame hanging.
  • Wall plumb and alignment.
  • Floor leveling.
  • Chair rail and wainscoting installation and alignment.
  • Drop ceiling installation.
  • Height checks for doors and windows.
  • Shelf, trim and cabinet alignment.

Outdoor applications of a laser level include:

  • Basic surveys.
  • Site layout.
  • Post and beam leveling and alignment for decks, porches and fences.
  • Pipeline installation.
  • Grade set for draining and irrigation.
  • Site grading for new construction.
  • Masonry alignment.
  • Elevation check for land.
  • Contour drainage.

Types of Interior Lasers

Several varieties of laser levels are available, including:

  • Plumb lasers: Also called a dot laser, a plumb laser produces one or more dots on the work surface to act as a reference point.
  • Line level lasers: Sometimes known as a line generator, this type of device produces a level line in one direction on the workspace — often a wall. It can make single lines or serve as a cross-hair reference to mark level lines and align objects in space.
  • Rotary level lasers: A rotary laser emits a level line around the space in a 360-degree rotation. These lasers can create square angled marks. Rotary lasers are typically mounted on a surveying tripod, and some models can project a laser onto a vertical plane.
  • Self-leveling laser: A self-leveling laser finds and maintains the level automatically within the preset working range. These lasers can adjust themselves to level after rough manual leveling or accidental jostling. They also alert operators if they are moved out of the working range.

The Cat® Rental Store Dealers Have Interior Lasers for Rent

The Cat Rental Store is your source for professional-grade interior lasers for your surveying and layout projects. Our laser inventory includes options from AGL and Trimble with:

  • High degrees of precision.
  • Manual and self-leveling options.
  • Vertical and horizontal measurement capabilities.
  • A visual operating range between 100 and 660 feet.

Each interior laser has low hours and undergoes comprehensive inspection between rentals to ensure the highest performance.

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