Boost Productivity With Long-Term Rentals

Boost Productivity With Long-Term Rentals

Throughout the growth of your business, the scope of your projects may change — compelling you to add specific units to your fleet. When you require machines for long-term use in construction, landscaping, forestry and other applications, The Cat® Rental Store can help improve efficiency with rental equipment solutions. Our extensive inventory with productivity-enhancing integration can boost the profitability and effectiveness of your operations.

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Technology-Enhanced Equipment to Boost Productivity

While the most basic form of any machine can deliver increased productivity, imagine boosting your completion time, increasing profits, multiplying output and enhancing safety features with the incorporation of technology. Technological advancements within Cat equipment can accommodate operations of any size and type. The resulting efficiency can produce improved solutions as compared to your previous machines, helping you gain more clients and projects.

By renting heavy machinery, your workers can also try different technology programs by learning new systems, procedures and processes. Renting gives you the freedom to become familiar with innovative advancements and how they can positively affect your company. Cat technology services that you and your employees can benefit from include:

1. Cat® Command

Cat Command provides safer work conditions, extended comfort and amplified precision by allowing employees to operate their heavy equipment machines from a remote place onsite. You can also opt to run a unit from an off-site command center to further improve productivity and encourage lower costs with each task.

2. Cat Compact

Cat Compact is an advanced mechanism that delivers instant feedback to machinists in a cab. The notifications help you achieve uniform results in fewer movements to produce high-quality work. It helps workers perform tasks in a shorter amount of time while saving fuel and material costs. By allowing you to make fewer passes with your machine, it decreases component wear compared to constant usage that yields little results.

3. Cat Detect

If you’re searching for a better way to see what’s occurring around your equipment, Cat Detect uses cameras and a machine tracking system to give you a better overview. When your team can perceive the various environments around their unit, it reduces the probability of accidents and decreases repair costs.

4. Cat Grade Control

With Cat Grade Control, the technology automates the machine’s controls. It helps workers grade more accurately and faster, no matter their level of experience. With the addition of improved grading and digging, your equipment can reduce cycle times, decrease fuel consumption and limit component wear. Your operators will also experience less fatigue.

5. Cat Link

Cat Link is a development that accumulates data. It formulates information from the material, people and machines on each worksite to automatically deliver specific details. You can use various insights to improve the management of your jobs and understand where you can make changes.

6. Cat Payload

The integration of Cat Payload into rental equipment helps you achieve a precise target weight each time. The technology delivers on-the-go weighing to uphold accuracy levels and increase the speed of transferring material into a dump truck. You won’t have to worry about dangerous overloading or even wasteful underloading that results in more work. Cat Payload reduces rework and errors to aid in the proficiency of every task.

Renting machinery with the bonus of advanced Cat features can support your projects on every level. With more ease of use, intensified precision, the collection of data and other elements like auto controls, you can place your trust in each unit.


More Benefits of Long-Term Rental Equipment

Aside from Cat developments, renting equipment also delivers general advantages such as affordability, reliability, sustainability and rent-to-buy options.

1. Cost-Effective

Renting is an affordable solution that gives you no limitations when taking on new projects. Whether you need aerialearthmovingmaterial handling or other machines for several weeks or a few months, it’s often more cost-effective than buying new engines. Receiving the right equipment when you need it will help you avoid the expense and upfront cost of owning equipment.

You also don’t have to worry about maintenance and depreciation over time. Renting doesn’t necessitate a massive financial commitment because you pay only for what you need. With the excess capital you save, you have more to allocate it to other operations. After you complete the payment process and finish the job, you return the machine to your dealer.

2. Modern Equipment

Relying on rentals is an opportunity to work with new machines and low-hour equipment. Reliably maintained units create more uptime, and with the latest features, they help enhance productivity, fuel economy and per-hour profitability.

3. Sustainability

Caterpillar focuses on sustainable practices to help expand the efficiency and productivity of each task. Eco-friendly implementations minimize a machine’s impact on the environment while also increasing the integrity of your company. We commit to engineering solutions that do the same for your industry by manufacturing equipment that burns less fuel and emits less greenhouse gas. The addition of alternative and renewable sources is also a key component of sustainability.

4. Trying Before Buying

Gaining ownership of rented equipment may be your ultimate goal, or you may only need the machine for a single, long-term project. Either way, you can gain a feel for how the machine operates within your fleet and how it supports your tasks. It’s like a trial run before committing.

If you rent and want to purchase the machine down the road, you can take advantage of the rent-to-buy option where a percentage of your rental fees are taken out of the final cost.

Combining the benefits of integrated technology and the advantages of long-term rental programs can enhance your rental experience. When the time comes, building a relationship with a professional service can add value to your business and help you become a competitive force in your industry.

Partnering Together for Your Success

The Cat Rental Store has a massive inventory of Cat machines and more than 60 Allied equipment possibilities to deliver solutions for any job, application and industry. Our skilled team of experts knows the ins and outs of machine technology and works hard to understand your expectations. We also offer flexible rental terms with our available fleet. Our specialists partner and collaborate with you by delivering expertise, onsite support and a commitment to your success.

Browse our fleet of rental optionsrequest a quote or call us at 1-800-736-8228 to learn more about our valuable renting solutions.

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