How to Manage Seasonal Heat in a Warehouse

How to Manage Seasonal Heat in a Warehouse

A warehouse environment can be stifling in the summertime. Creating a cool, comfortable climate helps protect goods from damage caused by excessive heat and humidity and keeps your workforce fresh and productive. You can also reduce your energy costs and provide a welcome boost to your company's bottom line.

The Cat® Rental Store has assembled the following tips for combatting seasonal heat in a warehouse, including suggestions for some equipment upgrades that will make a noticeable difference.

High-Quality Insulation

Insulation helps to keep cool air in and hot air outside the building. The quality of insulation continues to improve, so if it's been many years since you've installed your current insulation, you could benefit from an upgrade. Don't forget your loading dock's garage doors when choosing new insulation for your facility.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Many warehousing operations are lax about closing dock doors after shipping or receiving orders, which is a significant energy waster if you have air conditioning. Even a stray open window or two allows hot air to infiltrate your facility. Commercial garage doors equipped with motion sensors that open and close the doors automatically can alleviate the problem.

Upgraded Lighting

Changing your lighting is another way to cool down a warehouse in the summer. LED lighting is an ideal option for illuminating large, open areas such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. Compared to traditional incandescent lightbulbs, an energy-efficient option — such as LEDs — typically uses 25-80% less energy, saving you money. LEDs also run much cooler, as long as you use them with LED lighting fixtures designed to dissipate heat.

Enhanced Roofing

Many warehouses' roofs absorb heat, which can make the interior much hotter in the summer. Cool roof technology is available that enables the roof to reflect sunlight. Cool roofs also have high thermal emittance properties, meaning they radiate much of the heat they do absorb back into the atmosphere. A traditional dark roof can reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. A cool roof can lower the temperature by 50 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

HVAC Equipment

An aging, inefficient HVAC system may be another reason you're unable to beat the seasonal heat in your warehouse. Renting air conditioners and other HVAC equipment for the summer can provide an excellent short-term solution that meets your cooling requirements and fits your budget.

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