Maximizing Efficiency With the Right Rental Equipment

Maximizing Efficiency With the Right Rental Equipment

Do you depend on heavy equipment for construction, agriculture, forestry, demolition or similar tasks? These powerful machines are the lifeblood of your business. Knowing how to get the most out of your fleet is crucial to your company's success. 

For many smaller businesses, renting offers the most convenient, practical and cost-effective equipment acquisition solution. Maximizing this process can have a positive impact on your company's capabilities at the job site and your bottom line. 

How to Maximize Efficiency With Rental Equipment

Follow these guidelines to make the rental process work in your favor. 

Plan Your Projects Carefully

It's important to know what kind of equipment you'll need for each project phase before the work begins. When you arrange your rentals accordingly, you'll always have the right machine when the time comes, helping to avoid costly delays. You can also budget more effectively and accurately. One benefit of renting is that you can add units quickly if you need to make adjustments as the work progresses. 

Choose the Appropriate Size

Many equipment models are available in multiple sizes and configurations. Selecting the right size for the job ensures optimal performance and productivity. Choosing a machine that's too powerful for a task wastes valuable resources and could be dangerous. A big, bulky model could also leave too large of a footprint and create mobility challenges at the site. 

Likewise, using a model with insufficient power keeps the equipment from performing to your expectations, often requiring more time to complete your project and placing the work behind schedule. 

A reputable rental provider can help you find equipment that delivers the horsepower and maneuverability you require to get the job done, enabling you to get the best value for your money.

Take Advantage of Attachments

Many types of heavy equipment are compatible with work tool attachments like augers, buckets, rakes, forks and tillers. These tools can transform a rental into a multifunctional unit that enhances job site performance and productivity. It's also less expensive to rent attachments than machines, allowing you to reduce equipment-related project costs. 

Compatibility with the tasks at hand and the machines you plan to use the attachment with are crucial selection factors. A professional rental company can help you make the right match for your applications to optimize productivity and safety. 

Get Your Equipment to the Job Site on Time

Most construction contractors must adhere to tight schedules, so even a slight delay can lead to costly overruns and dissatisfied customers. As you arrange upcoming jobs, determine the most practical and cost-effective methods for getting your rentals to the site on time. 

If you have the human and physical resources, you can pick up your rentals at the store and transport them to the site with your equipment. Another option is to have the rental provider deliver it for you. Although the company will likely charge a fee for this service, it will make the process more convenient and save valuable time and labor.

Request Training If You Need It

Your team may not be familiar with the specific equipment models you're renting. Many rental companies provide on-site training to teach operators how to use the machines productively and safely. This instruction can dramatically improve project results and help avoid job site accidents resulting from failing to understand the machine's functions and capabilities. 

Know the Equipment's Limitations

Manufacturers design their equipment to perform specific functions. Using a rental to handle tasks beyond its capabilities can lead to costly mistakes, accidents and injuries. It's crucial to know a machine's limits and avoid using it for unintended purposes. 

Choose a Reputable, Full-Service Supplier

Doing business with a professional, customer-focused rental solutions provider is paramount. Besides offering a wide selection of high-quality equipment, the company should ask the right questions about your business, projects and what you need the rental to do. It should also offer relevant support services to maximize your renting experience.

The Cat® Rental Store Can Meet Your Needs

The Cat® Rental Store is a solutions-focused supplier that can help you get the most out of rental equipment. We carry a wide assortment of earthmoving machines and other job site essentials from Caterpillar and over 70 other leading manufacturers. You'll also have access to numerous services like training, on-site repairs and product selection advice from a local dealer you can trust.

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