What Is Modular Construction?

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an innovative process with many benefits. With this type of construction, buildings are created as individual sections or "modules," which are constructed off-site in a controlled manufacturing facility. These modules are then transported to and assembled at the final building site. They use the same materials and meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities, but typically take about half the time.

Modular Construction vs. Traditional Construction

There are several key differences between modular construction and the traditional variety. One of the main differences is that the majority of modular construction takes place within a manufacturing facility, while traditional construction occurs on the final building site and happens from the ground up.

The traditional approach to construction requires you to get the site ready before you can start the building process. With modular construction, however, site preparation can begin while the manufacturing facility is producing the modules, which means this type of project can take significantly less time to complete.

Types of Modular Construction

There are two main types of modular construction:

  • Permanent Modular Construction (PMC): With PMC, buildings are made in deliverable module sections for permanent placement on a site. PMC is often used for homes as well as commercial facilities, and it represents an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional construction.
  • Relocatable buildings: Relocatable buildings are designed to be repurposed or reused multiple times and transported to different building sites. They are ideal for temporary space needs for schools, offices, clinics and sales centers. With fast delivery and low-cost reconfiguration, they offer great flexibility and are a highly sustainable option for temporary space needs.

Benefits of Modular Construction

In addition to significant time savings, there are many other advantages to modular construction methods:

  • Less material waste: Building in a factory enables you to more easily recycle, protect materials and control inventory to help eliminate waste.
  • Greater reuse: Modular buildings can be disassembled and reconfigured for new use, which reduces the demand for materials and minimizes the amount of energy needed to create the building.
  • Fewer weather issues: With as much as 90% of modular construction occurring inside a factory, the risk of weather damage or delay is significantly reduced.
  • High quality: Modular homes are built to the same codes and standards as traditionally constructed homes, and they use the same high-quality materials.
  • Safer construction: Indoor construction environments help to reduce the risk of accidents for workers.
  • Unlimited design options: Modular buildings can be highly customized and built to match any aesthetic.

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