What Is the Most Used Machine in Construction?

What Is the Most Used Machine in Construction?

Some might say the most popular equipment is the excavator. Skid steers are common at numerous construction sites, too. If you work in construction, you are likely to see these nine most popular construction machines.

9 Most Popular Types of Construction Equipment

Construction workers use all sorts of equipment to complete their jobs. Construction machinery ranges far and wide, but there are a few you will see more often than others.

1. Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are popular on many construction sites throughout the country. They are some of the most versatile machines you can use for various tasks, including carrying materials and performing excavation. They are compatible with numerous attachments, such as brooms and snow blades, which increases their functionality. Wheel loaders also have a bucket on the front for moving multiple material types.

2. Excavators

Excavators are also common pieces of construction equipment. Excavators are designed to perform earthmoving work. You can choose between tracks or wheels for whatever will work best for your operations. Excavators can perform numerous jobs, including:

  • Digging
  • Material handling
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Dredging
  • Backfilling
  • Demolition

These machines can also work with a variety of attachments.

3. Backhoes

As the name implies, backhoes have a hoe attached to the back and a bucket on the front. With these two parts, you can do anything from excavating trenches to moving materials around the job site. 

You can also use backhoes for demolition and landscaping tasks. Backhoes have a swiveling cab to provide the operator with greater visibility.

4. Bulldozers

The bulldozer is a standard piece of equipment for digging, clearing and leveling jobs. They can move materials, grade and smooth surfaces. They can also push through small trees and stumps, rocks, roads and parts of buildings.

Bulldozers have a metal plate on the front to push through and remove the top layer of earth at your job site. It is an adjustable plate, allowing you to decide the depth you want to work at. Construction workers can use bulldozers with brush, debris and sand, too. 

5. Graders

For construction workers completing road work, graders are likely essential tools. Graders have a blade between the front and back wheels that levels the ground's surface as you drive across it. Workers can use a grader to smooth out the land's surface where they will lay asphalt. This is also a common practice before starting construction on a new building.

However, graders can perform multiple functions, as they can also remove snow and help level out or remove dirt from unpaved roads. Attachments can increase your equipment's abilities by allowing it to break through rocks and concrete. 

6. Skid Steers

Skid steers are extremely common on construction sites. They have numerous capabilities, allowing you to use them for several jobs. You can load and move materials, dig and remove debris from the construction area. Skid steers are small enough to maneuver in tighter spaces and work with several attachments. If you need to drill, grade or dredge, a skid steer can help with that, too. 

7. Articulated Trucks

Articulated dump trucks are versatile machines for material handling. They have powerful engines and comfortable cabs designed to increase the operator's productivity. Since many of these articulated dump trucks are sizable, you can haul larger material quantities, helping to increase construction site efficiency. 

8. Compact Track Loaders

Another standard piece of construction equipment is the compact track loader. These are small machines that are light enough to run across the job site. Compact track loaders work well in multiple terrains, ranging from sand to snow and mud. 

Since you can use different attachments with these machines, you have a wide range of capabilities. With a compact track loader, you can dig, move earth and move materials, among other things.

9. Compactors

When you need to flatten a surface, you can use a compactor. These machines come in several variations for different job purposes, from landfill to soil, asphalt and trench rollers. Compactors can either be walk-behind or ride-on, depending on your preference and project specifications.  No matter the terrain or job size, a compactor is available to meet your needs.

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