Do You Need a Permit to Rent a Bulldozer?

Do You Need a Permit to Rent a Bulldozer?

Bulldozers are a valuable piece of equipment in many types of projects. They let you move earth, grade slopes and remove debris around a job site. Workers in construction, mining, agriculture and landscaping all use these tools. Renting is a convenient, relatively inexpensive way to add this equipment to your fleet for short-term use. 

Before you swing by your local rental provider, however, you'll want to determine whether you need a permit to rent a bulldozer. Learn more about the permitting and training requirements associated with this equipment. 

Do Bulldozer Rentals Need Permits?

Most states don't require bulldozer permits for rentals, and the same is true for most heavy equipment types. Still, before renting in a particular state, you need to confirm whether you'll need a permit. 

Keep in mind that even if you aren't located in a permit-required state, you will need other credentials to secure the rental. 

Requirements You Must Meet for Bulldozer Rentals

A bulldozer can work for many tasks on a job site, from clearing land to spreading soil. These capabilities make it a practical addition to your rental fleet, but you'll need to meet a few requirements before you begin the rental period, including:

  • Training: Heavy equipment can create safety risks, so rental companies often request proof of user training that complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. You may also need certification.
  • Insurance: In case of injury, theft or damage, you must present proof of insurance to your rental provider. General liability insurance protects the renter and your company.
  • License: Equipment that travels on the road requires a driver's license. Heavier machines call for a Class A commercial license to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. Some states have unique requirements for bulldozer rentals.

Why You Should Meet These Requirements

Following up on state regulations and obtaining any documents you need is always worth the extra effort. Here are a few ways following rental rules can help your business:

  • Reputation: Rental providers will trust you with their equipment because they know you took all the proper steps to protect the machine and its operators. 
  • Savings: Insurance protects equipment in case of damage. If your rental bulldozer breaks down on the job site, you won't have to pay the total cost to return it to prime condition. 
  • Safety: When your workers have the right licenses and training, they know how to run the equipment with less risk of injury to themselves or others. 

Preparing to Rent a Bulldozer

Checking on permitting and licensing requirements is a good start to the rental process. Once you ensure you've met those standards, you'll want to take a few extra steps to prepare for the rental. Taking the time to determine which size bulldozer you need and confirming your operators' training status can make the rental process even smoother. Here are a few steps to take before renting.

Choose the Right Size of Equipment

Different industries and project requirements may call for different dozers. Even if you've rented one of these machines in the past, you'll want to consider whether what you had last time will work for your latest job. Dozers come in three sizes — small, medium and large. Small bulldozers work well for landscaping or residential building projects because they can move in constrained spaces. Large dozers work well for mining, landscaping and commercial construction tasks. 

Ensure Operators Have the Proper Training

When operators know how to use bulldozers safely and efficiently, they can complete tasks faster and get more done. Look into training or certification options to give them experience. Some rental companies even require this step before you can rent a bulldozer. You may also need your operators to have a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Check with your local rental company to see if they offer classes for training or certifications. During a project, ensure that only qualified crew members use the machine.

Consider State Requirements

You probably do most of your business in a single state. Get familiar with that state's laws about dozer use and equipment rentals. When you know the rules beforehand, you'll have a much smoother rental process. 

Check Your Insurance Policies

Make sure you're covered if anything happens to your rental. Review your insurance policies to see the scope and amount of your coverage. Your commercial insurance agent or broker can provide advice about your current policy and any extra protection you need. 

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