Seven Tips to Prevent Construction Site Theft

Seven Tips to Prevent Construction Site Theft

According to the NER 2016 Equipment Theft Report, the annual nationwide cost of equipment theft ranges from $300 million to $1 billion. Learning how to prevent theft on your construction site is critical for your business. By taking a proactive approach to security, you can increase your job site's efficiency and safety. Discover how to prevent construction site theft with these seven tips.

1. Keep Accurate and Detailed Records

How can you best protect your construction site? Remember the importance of record keeping. By closely tracking your inventory, you can detect any theft as soon as possible. Detailed records also help you understand when and where your equipment went missing, increasing your chance of recovery.

2. Plan As-Needed Supply Deliveries

Carefully planning your supply deliveries so you receive them on an as-needed basis will improve your inventory security. When you order all your supplies at once, the items for later use will have longer exposure to potential theft. Coordinate your deliveries so you use your materials as soon as possible.

3. Invest in Security Measures

An in-depth security plan has a key role to play in improving your site's safety from theft. There are many security measures that suit a variety of budgets. For example, monitoring who accesses your job site and lighting your site during off-hours are effective, low-cost security measures.

4. Train Your Team to Keep Your Job Site Secure

Give your employees ongoing training on the importance of job site security and how to maintain it. For added protection, you can customize each training based on your current job site. Preparing your team for your site's vulnerabilities will result in better security from theft.

5. Understand Equipment Theft Trends

Certain types of equipment and areas have higher risks of theft than others. When you know which of your assets have the most vulnerability, you can focus your security efforts on them. Research equipment theft statistics and trends to understand which parts of your job site need the most protection.

6. Begin the Security Process During Pre-Construction

Depending on your involvement in a project, you can implement your security plan during the pre-construction phase. When meeting with your project's developer, bring up possible theft prevention strategies for your job site. Focusing on security from the start will help you develop a project plan that raises your chance of secure completion.

7. Rent Equipment That You Use Infrequently

If you will need to use equipment for your next job that you don't usually need, consider renting it. By renting less frequently used equipment, you have fewer products to monitor for theft. Rentals also allow you to keep a smaller fleet, which lowers your risk of theft.

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