Benefits of Using Remixing Transfer Vehicles for Blacktopping

Benefits of Using Remixing Transfer Vehicles for Blacktopping

Ever since the invention of blacktopping equipment, getting a uniform HMA mix that pours smoothly has been a challenge. Remixing transfer vehicles are paving trucks that remix cool HMA crust from transport with hot interior HMA to create a uniform mix within your paver. These vehicles are typically used to assist asphalt paver hoppers and accept materials from dump trucks, though they are sometimes independent. As independent vehicles, they operate without the direction of a paver and can enable continuous, non-contact paving. 

With a remixing transfer vehicle, you can prevent material segregation and ensure the success of your pavement operation. As a full-service headquarters for remixing transfer vehicle rentals, The Cat® Rental Store provides Weiler equipment with the best engine power, working speed and maneuverability in its class. Explore the benefits of choosing a remixing transfer vehicle for your asphalt projects to see how one of these machines can work for you. 

Improved Results

Remixing transfer vehicles gives your business improved paving results due to their non-contact paving capabilities. This ability allows remixing transfer vehicles to decrease the likelihood of uneven surfaces and create a smoother surface through reduced thermal segregation. Compared to other paving equipment, remixing transfer equipment allows for superior movability and improves linework. Remixing transfer vehicles have such fantastic results that many states even specify in paving contracts that they must be used to prevent temperature differentials and segregation.

Easier Cleanup

Every remixing transfer vehicle is designed to accommodate easy everyday cleanup with multiple access points for cleaning the hydraulics. Remixing transfer vehicles typically have an easily accessible storage hopper, front hopper and rear conveyor for daily maintenance and cleanout. Many remixing transfer vehicles even come with a wash-down tank, hose and reel at the front of the machine for convenience. With maintenance this easy to perform, you'll save big time in the long run.

Improved Productivity

Remixing transfer vehicles offer non-stop, non-contact paving that reduces particulates and segregation while moving faster than the competition. These vehicles have excellent high-torque, direct-drive hydraulic motors that eliminate costly gearboxes and provide thermal relief. Most importantly, remixing transfer vehicles prevent your business from wasting valuable labor, equipment and time by getting your job done flawlessly the first time. 

Rent Weiler Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

Weiler is a top international producer of durable and reliable remixing transfer vehicles, and they also produce essential pieces of paving equipment such as screeds, commercial pavers and road wideners. At The Cat Rental Store, we're proud to offer a dealer network with access to a vast inventory of Weiler brand remixing transfer vehicles for the road construction business. Your local Cat dealer will have a staff of experts ready to find you a Weiler product that's perfect for your job site's demands. 

The Cat Rental Store is a full-service headquarters for renting remixing transfer vehicle rentals at long- and short-term competitive rates. Browse our equipment or contact your nearest Cat dealer today to find the right remixing transfer vehicle for your project. 

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