When to Rent a Concrete Buggy

When to Rent a Concrete Buggy

Construction crews need tools that can improve efficiency when time or numbers are short. A concrete buggy can make life easier for workers hauling heavy materials around a job site. Concrete buggies are gas-powered vehicles that feature heavy-duty tires and a remote-control bucket for hauling concrete and other building materials. Manufacturers produce multiple concrete bucket varieties that can each come in handy when your crew has a hefty workload. 

Reasons to Rent a Concrete Buggy

Crew leaders know to expect the unexpected when it comes to time management and staff availability. When you have work to do, there's little time to waste, even if numbers are short. Renting a concrete buggy can help finish the job when your workers have a large task at hand. By choosing to rent, you'll have access to a concrete buggy when you need it with lower upfront costs. Consider renting concrete buggies to tackle situations like: 

  1. Heavy loads: Some concrete buggies can haul as much as 3,200 pounds. With a rental concrete buggy in your fleet, your personnel can handle the weight with a reduced risk of injury. 
  2. Odd jobs: Every crew has its limitations when it comes to the types of jobs they can take. Rental equipment like concrete buggies can help your business expand its offerings to take on bigger and more specialized jobs. 
  3. Staff shortages: When fewer people show up for a job than expected, it can be difficult to meet deadlines with the same certainty. A concrete buggy will provide the strength and speed you need to do more with fewer people.
  4. Tight spaces: Concrete buggies can carry material to places around the job site that larger trucks can't reach. If you have an upcoming job that calls for more mobility in narrow spaces, a rental concrete buggy can help ensure the work's quality matches your standards. 
  5. Time constraints: Meeting deadlines is important for any contractor, but setbacks are bound to happen. When you need to make up for lost time or accommodate a prioritized deadline, pick up the pace with a rental concrete buggy. 

Concrete Buggies From The Cat® Rental Store

Renting a concrete buggy may be the best decision for your crew. When you need a buggy for an upcoming job, browse the inventory at The Cat® Rental Store in your area for machines from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers. Check The Cat Rental Store for dependable buggies like these models: 

  • Genie PB 21: Benefit from competitive payload capacity with a slightly larger bucket with a volume of 21.01 cubic feet. 
  • Miller Spreader MB21P: Carry up to 3,200 pounds in a 21 cubic-foot bucket
  • Multiquip WBH-16F: This buggy is slightly smaller and features removable wheels for easy transportation.
  • Toro MB-1600 Mud Buggy QD: Enjoy a high degree of mobility and convenient dual-action controls to dump a load and return the tub with ease.

Find Your Concrete Buggy Rental

The Cat Rental Store in your area carries concrete buggies you can trust to improve your workflow. To learn more about these products or get a rental quote online, call 1-800-RENT-CAT or browse our concrete buggies online and rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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