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How to Take Care of Rental Equipment

Do you realize that the next time you see a skid steer loaderscissor lift or telehandler on a jobsite, it’s just as likely that it’s a piece of rental equipment as one that’s owned by a construction company or contractor? In fact, according to the American Rental Association, the penetration of rental equipment into the construction industry has been steadily increasing over the past decade — with current rental levels rising above 54 percent.

With more and more equipment on worksites being rented, you need to carefully inform yourself about what goes into rental equipment care before deciding which rental company to work with. Otherwise, you could be stuck with hidden fees and/or a piece of equipment that doesn’t perform to your standards.

With our more than 1,300 global locations, transparent rental agreements and huge fleet of well-maintained machines, The Cat® Rental Store knows a thing or two about rental equipment care, repairs and overall management. Here’s what you should know about renting the equipment you need and how to take care of it.

Rental Equipment Management From The Cat® Rental Store

To have a positive rental experience that adds value to the job you’re on, it’s important to keep the following pointers in mind when you're determining which company you’ll rent from as well as which piece of equipment to rent:

  • Do your research: While it might sound like common sense, one of the most important factors in renting equipment is to work only with professionals you can trust. After doing a little checking and research, you’re much more likely to find a company and brand — like Caterpillar — that’s clearly invested in your success and wants you as a repeat customer. This process also means you won’t have to contend with things like hidden fees, late deliveries and underperforming equipment.
  • Rent the right equipment: When it comes to equipment care and management, your choice of equipment will greatly affect how pleased you are with its performance. If you rent an undersized — or oversized — piece of equipment, the results of your rental experience might not be what you anticipated. That's why at The Cat Rental Store, we employ a staff of certified rental specialists who are always ready to assist you in making the right equipment choices.
  • Read the fine print: If you don’t have time to read your rental agreement, you could be stuck with costly hidden fees. In contrast, when you choose The Cat Rental Store, you'll find that our agreements are straightforward and that our staff is on hand to answer any questions you might have. In addition, with flexible rental terms, we’re always willing to help you reschedule your rental if things like project scope or inclement weather change the parameters a project.
  • Use support that's offered: One of the most important things to keep in mind is the type of support that comes with the equipment in case of an unforeseen problem or breakdown onsite. Rental equipment repairs aren’t treated the same by all rental companies, so you really need to inform yourself on this matter. The good news is that with The Cat Rental Store, your rental will be backed by our 24/7 hotline and onsite support in case you have any issues with the equipment.
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