Why Renting Barricades Is the Way To Go

Why Renting Barricades Is the Way To Go

Roadwork and construction often require barricades to direct traffic flow and ensure safety for the crew and passersby. To mark work sites, direct crowds at events and handle other operational requirements, you can use this equipment as a valuable asset for optimizing work safety and productivity.

If you need the right equipment to manage your work site requirements, consider renting barricades as a convenient solution. This option can offer you many advantages, so it's worth considering how you can use rentals to optimize your operations.

Short-Term Needs

When you only have a short-term need for barricades, renting can be an excellent option to meet your requirements. If you're considering whether to rent versus buy barricades, how long you'll need the equipment can be an essential factor. Evaluate your specific operational needs to determine the best option for your application.

Through The Cat® Rental Store, our dealers offer plastic, water-filled barricades that are easy to set up and move around when empty but highly impact-resistant when full of water. You can easily use our rental equipment for short-term requirements and take advantage of quick setup and removal.

Storage Cost-Savings

Renting barricades for a temporary project requirement allows you to save on storage costs, ensuring you won't have to stow away unused equipment for long periods. When you rent what you need, you can get your required equipment precisely when you need it.

Maintenance Cost-Savings

When you rent equipment through The Cat Rental Store, you'll get barricades in excellent condition to handle your applications. You won't need to worry about maintenance costs because you'll have full rental servicing support through us. Our products are highly durable, so you can have confidence they'll deliver the strength and performance you need on the job every time.

Additional Barricade Capacity

If you need to temporarily extend your barricade capacity, renting offers a convenient way to get the supplies you require. Whether you're working on a larger project or have an additional need that comes up during your work, you can quickly get the right barricades to handle the job.

Convenient Equipment Acquisition

Whatever your project needs, getting the right equipment for your applications is fast and convenient when you work with us. We have over 1,300 locations worldwide and a massive dealer network to help you quickly source what you need to handle your project requirements.

Source Your Barricade Rentals Through The Cat® Rental Store

Trust the dealers through The Cat Rental Store to meet your requirements for every project. When you need to rent barricades to handle your operations effectively, we're a trusted partner. Your local dealer will talk to you about your options and help you find the best barricade size for your applications. Throughout the process, you can rely on dealer support and our extensive resources to meet your needs.

For more information on the equipment solutions available through The Cat Rental Store, explore our rental inventory today.

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