Renting Electric Aerial Lifts: Benefits and Considerations

Renting Electric Aerial Lifts: Benefits and Considerations

When you need to reach new heights, an aerial lift is a valuable tool. It's designed to elevate operators and products and is capable of supporting project requirements across numerous industries. Electric lifts are versatile alternatives to gas or diesel models. When you rent one, you can take advantage of the benefits without the upfront purchase price. The Cat® Rental Store is a premier equipment provider with decades of experience providing well-designed lifts at affordable rates. 

Why Do You Need an Electric Lift?

Electric lifts offer a wide range of advantages. These tools run off of advanced batteries and electrical systems, reducing the use of fossil fuels. With no exhaust emissions, battery-electric lifts are ideal for indoor applications.

Electric aerial lifts often come in compact sizes and provide the maneuverability to navigate in confined spaces. They're commonly found within sites like malls, gyms, construction areas, conference centers, and manufacturing facilities. Within these locations, they provide operating heights up to 100 feet. 

The Advantages of Renting an Electric Aerial Lift 

If you're thinking about getting an aerial lift for your next project, you should consider the benefits of renting it.


Price is one of the biggest reasons professionals choose to rent aerial lifts. Renting lets you avoid a large, upfront investment that impacts your overall budget. It also lets you skip long-term expenses like transportation, storage, and maintenance costs. Your dealer will take care of all these responsibilities, freeing your capital and focus so you can dedicate them to other aspects of your business. 


Every project poses unique challenges. When you purchase an aerial lift, you're locked into its designated heights and capabilities. A lift rental allows you to quickly obtain the right tool for the job you're working on. Renting also gives you access to new models of equipment with the latest technologies — you don't have to pay for a brand-new lift upfront to increase operational efficiencies and optimize your on-the-job success. You can even try a variety of rental lifts to see which one meets your needs best before buying.

Compliance and Safety

At extreme heights, it's crucial to adhere to safety and environmental standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Organization. A reliable dealer will provide a rental that is well-maintained and in accordance with the relevant regulations. Your crew will benefit from compliance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered. 

The Cat® Rental Store Has What You're Looking For 

If your job needs it, we have it. The Cat Rental Store maintains one of the largest selections of high-performance Cat equipment and machinery from over 70 trusted brands--all ready to hit the ground running. Our rental fleet is full of solutions to support your daily operations while maintaining the steadfast support you deserve when working at elevated heights. Each machine is carefully maintained and thoroughly inspected to adhere to strict safety and performance standards, ensuring exceptional reliability. 

The Cat Rental Store dealers support our mission to deliver unrivaled value to your daily operations, striving to become a long-term partner you trust. They're thoroughly trained and certified to assist you in making informed decisions that drive financial health and operational efficiency. You can trust them to design flexible rental terms that fit your situation, whether you need a lift for a few days or for your busiest weeks of the year.

We have access to an exhaustive network of over 1,300 dealers across the United States, making it easier than ever to get dependable support and technical assistance near your jobsite. No matter your industry, environment, or what you're searching for, The Cat Rental Store is ready to help you lift up your operations. 

Contact Our Team to Learn More About Renting Electric Aerial Lifts 

If you're searching for a high-quality electric aerial lift that will provide the safety and efficiency your project needs, make The Cat Rental Store your first stop. We take pride in delivering the products and support you deserve. 

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