Renting Equipment for Wildfire Cleanup

Renting Equipment for Wildfire Cleanup

Wildfires can completely transform a region, but it's possible for an area to grow back stronger after cleanup. At the Cat® Rental Store, we provide the equipment necessary for successful wildfire cleanup efforts. With our equipment rentals, you can quickly clear away the debris left behind by wildfires and start rebuilding. Find a location in your area today.

Heavy Equipment Used to Clean up Wildfires

Heavy equipment is necessary to clean up after wildfires and remove the massive amount of debris and ash left behind. Common equipment used in these situations includes:

1. Dozers

Dozers succeed at clearing burned-out areas by moving dirt, rocks and vegetation. Often used by firefighting crews to create fire lines or vast swaths of cleared land, dozers can also prevent a wildfire from spreading into a particular area by denying it fuel. 

2. Excavators

Excavators are used in construction projects worldwide. For cleanup applications, they are especially useful because they can dig up and remove burned-out trees and other debris to make way for new growth. With attachments like thumbs and grapples to help clear roads, these integral pieces of equipment allow firefighters to access areas where fires have been extinguished and assist people in returning home after evacuations.

3. Wheel Loaders

After wildfires pass, wheel loaders often help clean up by pushing and lifting the debris out of the way. The wheels on wheel loaders allow them to traverse rough terrain without getting stuck as they move quickly and efficiently around any area they're working on.

4. Track Loaders

A track loader is a piece of earthmoving equipment that uses tracks instead of wheels. Its front bucket attachment can scoop up debris, remove stumps and other waste, scrape soil and clear burned material. Like many of these machines, the track loader was initially designed for use in construction, but it has earned its rank in firefighting efforts due to its ability to handle variable terrain and relocate large amounts of debris quickly.

5. Forest Machines

Forest machines help boost safety and crew productivity by removing trees that can pose a fire hazard or block access to roads, trails and power poles. These machines feature specialized attachments ideal for clearing debris during a wildfire cleanup operation, including felling heads and grapples.

Benefits of Renting Wildfire Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to wildfire cleanup, you want to ensure your team arrives equipped with the right tools. Whether you work as a professional or aim to do it yourself, renting wildfire cleaning equipment will allow you to:

  1. Access high-quality, professional-grade equipment fast: You never know when a wildfire will rage through an area. When it happens, you need to be ready. Renting wildfire equipment means you can leverage the latest technology and benefit from the best in ergonomics, safety and fuel efficiency.
  2. Enjoy period flexibility: A good rental provider will allow you to adjust your term as needed throughout the wildfire season or cleanup efforts. Whether you need a small, portable unit for a few weeks or a large, heavy-duty model for months at a time, many find it easiest to rent and move on when necessary.
  3. Pay for only what you need, when you need it: After our experts help you determine what equipment will work best for your applications, we can rent that equipment to you on an as-needed basis, allowing you to save time and preserve capital for other areas of your operation.
  4. Let someone else take care of maintenance and repairs: If you have to do fire cleanup, you have other things on your mind besides the equipment's maintenance routine. Renting wildfire cleaning equipment gives you a chance to focus on your work and let someone else take care of maintenance, repairs and other issues that might arise. Plus, with The Cat Rental Store, you will always have support staff ready to help at a moment's notice.
  5. Keep your budget open: When renting wildfire equipment, you can keep your capital available for other pressing needs like funding further efforts to prevent fires or contributing to the recovery process. Rentals don't impact your balance sheet, so your operation will have more credit available if you need to borrow money. 

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When you need wildfire cleaning equipment rentals, The Cat Rental Store is ready to serve. With well over 1,300 locations around the world, we make it easy for you to get the tools you need to fight and recover from wildfires and other natural disasters. Find the Cat dealer nearest you today to discuss your needs with your local team.

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