Benefits of Renting Equipment for Land Development Projects

Benefits of Renting Equipment for Land Development Projects

Land development is a complex process consisting of three fundamental steps. A feasibility study is essential for determining the project's viability, and the entitlements phase entails the legal steps the developer must execute to gain approval. The final stage involves the actual construction work. 

The last phase requires various types of heavy equipment for performing tasks like cleaning lots, shaping landscapes, grading surfaces, removing materials and debris and preparing the site for construction. Developers, construction contractors and other project stakeholders can benefit from renting the machines needed to handle multiple tasks. 

Reasons to Consider Equipment Rentals for Land Development

Renting can be advantageous to land development entities in several ways. 

Meeting Deadlines

While all three phases of a land development project may take up to two years to complete, the construction process is relatively short. Construction companies may only need certain types of equipment temporarily, which fits the compressed schedule. They can add and return machines as the work requirements evolve, ensuring optimal fleet flexibility. 

Delivering Specialized Solutions

No two land development projects are alike, and each presents a unique set of challenges. Renting makes it easier to locate and acquire the most appropriate equipment for executing specialized tasks. Construction companies will experience better results and maximize their time with access to purpose-built machinery for specific applications.

Offering an Unlimited Equipment Inventory

Companies that only rely on their in-house equipment are limiting their job site performance capabilities. Incorporating rentals into your fleet management practices broadens the scope of what you can accomplish by providing the necessary resources to perform any task. Gain access to any machine available from your rental provider. 

Ensuring Prompt Service

An unexpected equipment breakdown can disrupt a land development project's schedule, leading to higher costs and delayed openings. A reputable rental equipment provider will offer on-site support to minimize downtime through quick and efficient repairs. What's more, many companies are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies. 

Providing Versatility

While land development projects involve careful planning, unforeseen events can arise. Renting makes it easy to adapt to changing conditions by quickly adding or replacing a machine. Most rentals are available immediately, and many dealers will deliver the equipment to the site to save time and simplify the process. 

Work tools provide another versatile solution for construction contractors. Adding an attachment to skid steer loaders, excavators, backhoes or other equipment can transform them into multifunctional machines that increase productivity and add value to the project. 

Maintaining Environmental Compliance

Land developers must meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations when executing their projects. New rental equipment features advanced technologies that ensure compliance with emissions guidelines and other regulations, helping to avoid costly fines, penalties and delays. Construction contractors can move forward with peace of mind. 

Increasing Business Opportunities

Construction companies experience stiff competition when seeking land development contracts. Renting enables them to access the right equipment for any project and demonstrate their preparedness for the job. They'll also increase the likelihood of a successful bidding process with a more diverse range of capabilities.

Essential Land Development Equipment

If you need equipment for an upcoming land development project, you'll likely need to rent one or more of the following:

  • Bulldozers: Dozers enable you to push piles of dirt, debris, stone, gravel and other materials when clearing lots. They can also assist with grading and leveling tasks. 
  • Excavators: Excavators are ideal for building foundations and trenches for underground utilities. They also assist with land reclamation and restoration projects.
  • Loaders: Backhoe, skid steer, compact track and wheel loaders perform numerous earthmoving functions at land development sites.
  • Site prep tractors: These versatile machines can clear away brush and help prepare roadways and other infrastructure necessities.

Many projects can also benefit from various work tools that attach quickly and easily to backhoes and other machines. Examples include flail mowers, landscape rakes, forestry mulchers, tillers and stump grinders. 

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