Renting Equipment for Home Projects

Renting Equipment for Home Projects

Most homeowners have to take on a DIY project once in a while. These jobs might include painting, fixing a window, replacing a door, and doing other similar tasks. However, they can also extend to large-scale projects like completely redesigning your garden or taking down walls, which are difficult to accomplish without heavy equipment. 

For unusual home projects you don't tackle often, investing in a piece of construction machinery isn't always the most practical choice. That's where a reliable rental provider comes in. Renting equipment for home projects lets you take advantage of the most capable technology on the market without the costs and challenges of ownership.

The Advantages of Rental Equipment for DIY Work

When your home projects call for a more powerful solution than you can justify keeping on hand, renting it for the short term will let you complete your tasks quickly and keep the job moving. Consider some of the benefits of rental equipment:

  • Extensive selection: Renting equipment gives you access to a wide variety of tools. You can often find a solution that's purpose-built for the task at hand, letting you get the job done much more quickly than you would with an all-purpose tool. You'll also be able to choose the appropriately sized unit for the scope of your work.
  • Budget-friendly contracts: Renting tools is more economical than buying them, especially for one-off projects. Plus, simply returning the equipment when you're done with it means no ownership costs like storage, insurance, or maintenance.
  • Well-maintained equipment: Good rental companies have factory-trained technicians who service and maintain their heavy equipment. You can expect your rental to deliver top performance the moment it arrives at your property.
  • Advanced safety features: All equipment from a rental company undergoes regular inspection and will comply with strict safety regulations. Additionally, many providers offer training or support in case you need any instruction in using the rental. 
  • Access to the latest models: Rental fleets often include units with the latest technology, equipping them to deliver exceptional performance. For example, an excavator might come with grade control solutions that make it easy to create more, accurate slopes for less rework and material cost. 
  • Delivery options: Transporting large, heavy pieces of equipment can be a challenge, so many rental providers offer delivery options. You can have the equipment you need brought straight to your home. 

Popular Rental Solutions for Home Projects

Heavy construction equipment can make short work of many DIY jobs, especially those that involve earthmoving, demolition, or other tasks that are difficult for consumer-grade options. The following are a few of the most common and useful pieces of rental equipment for DIY projects like home renovations:

  • Skid steer loader: Skid loaders are useful for residential construction, especially for tasks like finishing off yard work and driveways. The versatility of a skid loader makes it a popular rental choice because it can dig, lift, haul, grade, and do many other types of work with its myriad of available attachments.
  • Backhoes: Backhoes excel at loading and unloading material, digging trenches, and moving large amounts of dirt and gravel. They come in a range of sizes and varieties to suit whatever your needs might be, and they can accept a broad range of attachments to tackle specialized work like breaking concrete or digging post holes.
  • Bulldozer: Bulldozers are best suited for the early stages of residential construction projects. Evening terrain, leveling ground, clearing passages, and developing driveways are some of the best tasks for bulldozers.
  • Generators: Portable power generators are handy for any construction project. Put them nearly anywhere on the jobsite and power multiple tools at once.
  • Compactors: Light compactors are a good fit for a big DIY project. They can backfill around a foundation and are a reliable way to ensure the ground is properly prepared for the next phases of your work.
  • Concrete mixer: Cement mixers are handy tools that make the tedious work of pouring concrete much more manageable. Filling in pathways and driveways is a much easier task with a cement or concrete mixer.

Contact The Cat® Rental Store to Find the Right Equipment for Your Project

If you have any questions about choosing the right equipment for your DIY projects, feel free to contact the professionals at your nearest Cat® dealer. Their team will have the industry expertise and the equipment to help you pull off any household or DIY project, no matter how elaborate. You can also call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT to request a quote or ask questions about the equipment you see online.