Renting Small Tools: Efficiency Boosters

Renting Small Tools: Efficiency Boosters

Renting in the construction industry is a common practice. Working with a rental provider is a budget-friendly way of sourcing specialized equipment you don't need often or filling a gap in your owned tool inventory, and it comes with support, delivery options, and other benefits. Today, you can find just about anything you need through your local location of The Cat® Rental Store, including smaller tools that boost your efficiency on the job. 

 Next time you need small tools and equipment, consider these benefits of booking a rental rather than buying it outright. 

The Advantages of Renting Small Tools

Even smaller pieces of equipment and power tools can represent a substantial capital investment, and that may not be practical if you don't use them often. Here's what you can expect when you work with a reputable provider to rent construction tools:

  • Cost savings: Renting is a budget-friendly alternative to buying everything you need. Contractors and construction crews need a variety of tools to complete the broad range of tasks they may encounter on a jobsite, and renting equipment is much less expensive than buying all these resources. It also allows you to maintain a leaner core fleet and keep ownership expenses to a minimum. 
  • Fewer expenses: Maintaining tools and equipment requires time and money, and downtime caused by a broken tool can result in costly delays. When you rent your tools, the provider is in charge of any maintenance or repairs they might need during the rental period. They also perform thorough inspections before and after each rental; you can be confident that any equipment you receive is ready to perform at a high level. 
  • Increased storage space: When you rent a tool, you only have to store it for the duration of the rental period, which makes it much easier to handle your fleet and manage your inventory. It also eliminates the need to pay fees for long-term storage options like storage units or lots.
  • Access to the latest models: Rental companies provide high-quality equipment to their clients, often including the latest models in their fleets. While your budget may limit the model and configuration you buy, you can rent the top-of-the-line version for a fraction of the purchase price. Plus, much of the newer equipment on the market comes with efficiency-boosting technology to maximize your crew's productivity.
  • Specialized solutions: When buying your own tools, you need to invest in solutions that will work on as many jobs as possible. With renting, you can choose a specialized model that's purpose-built for specific tasks, giving you a cost-effective way of accessing the very best tool for the job. Knowing you have that option available will let you take on more jobs for more clients, and the ease of budgeting you get with rental equipment's predictable pricing will make drafting quotes much simpler. 
  • Test-drive opportunities: One of the greatest benefits of renting equipment is that it gives you the chance to try a product out before buying it. This process allows you to get familiar with a piece of equipment and see its performance in the field before you decide to invest in it. You can also compare different models and brands to find your perfect match. Renting equipment lets you complete jobs while giving you time to make sure a tool is worth the investment. 
  • Flexibility: Many dealers give you plenty of options for duration when renting construction tools, making this technique ideal when you only need a tool for a specific stage of your project. You should have the option to rent for a day, week, month or longer, with longer rental periods yielding lower daily rates. 

Optimize Your Efficiency With Tools From The Cat® Rental Store

Operating in the construction industry requires a company to have a wide range of tools and equipment at its disposal, and you can't always predict what you'll need if your project evolves or the conditions change. When you have a trusted rental provider in your corner, you can take jobs with confidence, knowing you'll have access to everything you need to get it done. 

If you need to rent small tools to boost your efficiency on the construction site, your local Cat dealer is ready to hook you up. Find your nearest location of The Cat Rental Store to see what they have available and get in touch with their team.

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