Properly Returning Rental Equipment

Properly Returning Rental Equipment

Renting your equipment is a great way to get your hands on crucial tools without breaking the bank. When you rent, you can skip upfront purchasing expenses and the costs of ongoing maintenance and repairs. Plus, a reputable dealer will ensure your equipment is in good shape before you sign a rental agreement. They'll also provide the support you need to keep the equipment running during your rental term.

Once your rental period concludes, you'll need to follow certain steps to ensure the equipment is ready to return to your dealer's fleet. Let's take a look at what you should do when returning equipment.

Understanding Your Rental Contract 

A rental contract is an agreement between your business and your equipment dealer. It's a legal document that clearly outlines the responsibilities and expectations placed on both parties. Before returning your machine, it's wise to read up on your contract to ensure you understand the guidelines for a successful return. Contracts will often outline the steps required during the return, making it easy to check off every box and avoid any potential fees. 

How to Return Rental Equipment in Two Steps

All rental agreements come with a specified rental period, which should line up with the length of your project. Once your project is complete, it's time to get your equipment ready to return to your dealer's fleet. Returning rental equipment is a fairly straightforward process that requires some due diligence on your part. 

1. Preparing Your Return 

When you're getting your equipment ready for the return, you should complete a few tasks. Give your equipment a thorough inspection and scrub before giving it back. Check for signs of wear and tear, leaks or strange noises and address any minor repairs. Going above and beyond for your dealer will help you avoid unexpected repair fees and cultivate a beneficial relationship that will aid you the next time you need to rent equipment. 

2. Scheduling Your Return 

Once you're done with the job and you've inspected your machine, you can initiate the return process. Many dealers expect you to return the equipment as soon as possible, often within a day or two of your project completion. Give your rental dealer a call to speak with them about the procedure. Depending on the type of machine you're using, some dealers will visit your site with the gear required to remove it. 

You may need to extend your rental if your job has run into delays or unexpected hiccups. Contact your dealer immediately to inform them about your need for an extension. If you wait until the end of your project, your dealer may already have another renter lined up for the machine. 

Enjoy a Seamless Rental at The Cat® Rental Store 

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Contact Our Team to Learn More 

The Cat Rental Store offers a straightforward rental experience to keep your focus where it matters — on the job. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to your equipment.

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