5 Essential Road Construction Machines

5 Essential Road Construction Machines

As a specialized area of construction, road construction requires different equipment from more generalized tasks. If you want to try your hand at road building and maintenance, you'll need the right machinery for the job. These road construction machines play an essential role in the process.

1. Motor Graders

Also known as road graders, motor graders flatten surfaces in grading applications. These machines perform a variety of duties in road construction from start to finish. Their primary use in this application involves removing and smoothing the top layer of ground to prepare it for asphalt. A sharp edge enables them to dig drainage ditches that reduce the risk of water pooling. Depending on the work site, they may also create inclines, cut roadside banks or remove snow.

2. Asphalt Pavers

Once you get your job site's terrain ready for roadwork, you can lay the asphalt using an asphalt paver. Asphalt pavers distribute asphalt mix with a heated screed. They take the mix in a hopper that then travels to the screed using a system like a conveyor or an auger. The screed then flattens the asphalt and determines its thickness using a vibratory or tamping mechanism. During use, the operator can control the screed to manage asphalt consistency.

3. Asphalt Compactors

An asphalt compactor works similarly to other compactor machines with the addition of a water sprayer to reduce asphalt sticking. In road construction, asphalt compactors combine weight, vibration and pressure to achieve the desired density factor. The right roller specifications for your project will depend on the type of asphalt mix you plan to use. Some mix compositions require a pneumatic (rubber-tired) compactor, while other mix types will need a roller with a smooth drum and varying degrees of vibration.

4. Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

In addition to tackling earthmoving jobs in general construction, skid steer and compact track loaders can serve double-duty in roadwork. Their wide range of attachments makes them indispensable for site preparation. These machines dig, grade, move materials and remove snow to get your land ready for paving. Which machine is the right choice for you will depend on your budget and surrounding terrain. While a skid steer loader has wheels to travel on paved ground, a compact track loader can cross rougher terrain.

5. Excavators

Excavators tackle a wide range of site preparation steps in the road construction process. As established powerhouses in earthmoving, they dig and move rock, soil and clay with ease. They can also break and transport debris to create a clean road base. These machines come in multiple sizes and can rotate 360 degrees for flexible operation. Like skid steer and track loaders, they feature a broad selection of attachments to maximize their versatility.

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