Handheld Cut-Off Saw Safety Tips

Handheld Cut-Off Saw Safety Tips

Handheld cut-off saws are versatile, portable power tools you can use to cut through concrete, stone, brick, pavers, metal pipes or other solid materials. With the wide assortment of blades available, you can use your saw for a variety of applications. 

Taking the appropriate safety precautions is crucial for preventing job site injuries when using power tools. Handheld cut-off saws are no exception. The following tips can keep you and your crew members out of harm's way.

Preparing to Use Your Cut-Off Saw

Handheld cut-off saw safety begins before operating the tool. Conducting a quick inspection enables you to detect and troubleshoot mechanical issues that could impact the saw's performance:

  • Check for loose fasteners: Make sure all bolts, screws and other fasteners are tight and replace any that are stripped or damaged. 
  • Inspect the trigger: Test the throttle trigger and stop switch to ensure they're functioning correctly.
  • Check the wheel guard mounting: Verify that the wheel guard is secure and look for signs of cracks or other damage. 
  • Inspect the wheel: Be sure that the saw's wheel is the right one for your model and check for cracks, missing segments or signs of water saturation.
  • Check the belt: Make sure the saw's belt has the proper tension and adjust it if necessary.
  • Inspect the blades: The cut-off saw's blades should be mounted securely, and the flanges should be free of any signs of damage.

How to Use a Handheld Cut-Off Saw Safely

Once you've inspected the saw and made sure it's in proper working condition, you're ready to use it at your job site. Safe operating tips include:

  • Get a firm grip: Always use two hands when running your saw, and be sure to maintain a tight grip while manipulating the throttle trigger.
  • Maintain the proper stance: Operate the saw on solid ground and employ a stance that provides stable footing. Avoid standing directly behind the blade's plane. 
  • Avoid forcing the blade: Let the saw do the work by not "pushing" the blade into the cutting surface. Keep the blade moving in the same direction to prevent it from kicking back. 
  • Position the blade correctly: Reduce the likelihood of a potentially dangerous blade kickback by not cutting with the upper section. Also, don't attempt to cut objects that are above your eye level — stand on a stable elevated surface to attain a safer position. 

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