Selecting the Right Rental Equipment for Snow Removal

Selecting the Right Rental Equipment for Snow Removal

Finding the right tools for efficient snow removal is essential. Renting commercial snow removal equipment from The Cat® Rental Store dealers is a simple and cost-effective solution.

How to Choose Rental Equipment for Snow Removal

Budget is the most obvious factor to account for, but there are other important considerations to make when selecting rental equipment:

  • Terrain and expected weather: Evaluate where and how your crew will use this equipment. Uneven terrain demands the traction of compact track loaders, while high-demand applications for removing ice and snow could benefit from wheel loaders.
  • Size: More compact equipment is better for residential or small-scale jobs, while larger equipment can provide the power to efficiently clear much broader areas.
  • Rental period: How long will you need the equipment for? Consider the length of your area's winter season with the dealer's available rental terms. The Cat Rental Store dealers can offer rental periods for days, weeks or months.
  • Logistics: Will you transport the equipment yourself, or will you need your dealer to arrange transportation for you? 
  • Attachments: What attachments do you need to get the job done, if any? Does your rental provider carry them? With The Cat Rental Store dealers, you can select from accessories such as buckets, snow plows, pushes and blowers.

Renting vs. Buying Snow Removal Equipment

Although buying snow removal equipment means you have access to it whenever you need, you'll still have to store and maintain it during the warmer months. If you only need a piece of equipment for winter, renting may be a more cost-effective option.

Some benefits of renting equipment include:

  • Cost savings: Rental equipment comes with a lower upfront cost. The rental dealership can handle associated costs like storage, insurance, maintenance and repairs.
  • Testing new equipment: If you're considering purchasing a specific model, you can make sure it meets your expectations by renting it first. 
  • Greater flexibility: You may not use specific equipment often enough to justify ownership. Renting allows you to use what you need without arranging for storage.
  • Easier transport: If you regularly work on remote projects, it's more convenient to rent from a local rental store than it is to haul your equipment over long distances.

The potential benefits of renting depend heavily on the dealership you choose to work with. Your search should go beyond low rental fees to include all the services and resources your provider offers to help you maximize productivity. 

Why Choose The Cat® Rental Store Dealers?

There are plenty of equipment rental companies out there, so what makes The Cat Rental Store dealers the best choice? Simple — we strive to deliver the most value for our customers.

Ongoing Support 

When you rent from The Cat Rental Store dealers, they'll provide on-site service from certified Cat technicians throughout your rental period. The Customer Portal makes it easy to request service or adjust your rental agreement. If you ever run into trouble with our equipment, you can count on us to be there to help you through it. 

Unparalleled Flexibility

Our extensive selection includes the latest rental equipment from Caterpillar as well as more than 70 other brands. Whether you need a mini skid loader or a dump truck, you can find what you need from The Cat Rental Store dealers.

Dealers also offer flexible contract agreements, so you can find a plan that makes the most sense for your project. For example, if you finish early, you may be able to return your equipment and allocate the remaining funds to other areas. You can also extend your contract if you need more time than expected.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Whether you're clearing residential streets or moving snow from construction sites, you can rely on The Cat Rental Store's team of experienced dealers to help you find the best equipment match for the job. We know our equipment better than anyone else, which helps us provide valuable insights on everything from equipment cost analyses to which backhoe model fits your job site best.

Receive operator training with your rental to maximize safety and performance. You'll have peace of mind knowing your crew has the skills to successfully maneuver the equipment in the winter weather.

Find Rental Equipment for Snow Removal From The Cat Rental Store Dealers

At The Cat Rental Store, we're here to help you get the most out of your rental. With more than 1,300 locations worldwide, there is sure to be a dealer in your area. 

Visit your nearest location or call 1-800-RENT-CAT to get started.