Renting Skid Steers for Snow Removal

Renting Skid Steers for Snow Removal

When winter comes and drops several layers of snow on your projects, you need heavy-duty snow removal equipment. Few machines can clear heavy snow and ice quite like a skid steer, which is why renting one of these loaders could have a huge effect on your operations. Renting is a convenient option, and it's ideal for companies and communities that need occasional support during the winter. Skid steers for snow removal offer a variety of benefits, especially if you need something sturdy and easy to handle.


Skid steers are compact machines often used in digging and loading applications. Because they deliver substantial power in a small package, skid steer loaders can be found everywhere from construction sites to landscaping sites.

They're also compatible with numerous attachments, so you have plenty of options available for different applications. For example, snow throwers and box plows are popular winter attachments for skid steers.


Why rely on a regular truck for your plowing needs when you can enjoy better performance with a skid steer snow blower? Skid steers are known for their stellar performance and durability, even under harsh conditions.

With a skid steer rental, you can expect excellent job quality throughout your full rental term. Your local Cat® dealer will be glad to help if any issues do arise.


Skid steers are maneuverable and easy to operate, making them more productive in snow removal applications than other types of equipment. If you're dealing with heavy snow and ice, a skid steer can do far more in less time than a traditional truck.

Renting one of these loaders whenever you need it can also help you save time during the winter. You can get to work right away without having to wait days or weeks for nature to cooperate.

Cost Savings

A skid steer snow blower is a machine you'll likely need during certain projects or at specific times of the year. When you order a rental, you can save money by paying only for the amount of time you use the machine.

It's easy to rent a skid steer for the season so you have it available during the colder months. Rentals also reduce long-term storage and transport costs, which allows you to free up more room in your budget.

Dealer Maintenance Benefits

Another benefit of renting skid steers for snow removal is dealer maintenance. Skid steers need to be inspected and serviced from time to time, especially when you're using them in snowy weather.

With a rental, your dealer takes care of all the maintenance requirements so you can focus on plowing through snow. Many dealers also offer technical support and repairs, which reduces interruptions and keeps you going until the job is done.

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