How Small Construction Firms Benefit From Renting Equipment

How Small Construction Firms Benefit From Renting Equipment

Small construction companies face a dramatically different work landscape than their larger counterparts, and their approaches to equipment acquisition can vary widely. Renting equipment can be a great option for both large and small construction firms. In particular, small businesses can especially benefit from the flexibility and versatility of renting equipment.

Let's take a closer look at renting and what it means for small construction firms.

Is Renting Equipment Better for Small Businesses?

The answer to this question depends on the nature of your specific company. Your finances, operational practices and the length of time you'll be using the equipment all factor into the decision. Overall, renting offers a wide range of benefits to small construction businesses:

  • Low capital expenditure: Most small construction firms don't have a huge amount of money available for capital investments. Rentals eliminate that cost and make it easy to get essential equipment at a predictable and easy-to-manage price. Plus, renting can come in handy during tax season, since rentals are not considered liabilities.
  • Versatility: When you rent equipment, you can get exactly what you need and better match the machinery to the task at hand — no undersized, oversized or mismatched equipment. You can also expand your fleet to meet changing requirements, such as a busy season or a big project. By renting, small companies can meet specific project needs they might not otherwise have the capability to take on.
  • No maintenance or storage costs: Without a large fleet of machinery, you don't need to spend money on storage. You also get to skip the cost of maintenance, such as oil changes, filter changes and repairs, which can add up quickly. These tasks tend to require careful foresight and planning, and not all small companies have the manpower and resources to dedicate to those requirements.
  • Try before you buy: Making a purchase decision can be tough without trying the equipment first. Rentals allow you to get this experience and see how a new piece of machinery would fit into your operation.
  • Easy cost management: Managing capital investments often requires a decent amount of skilled labor and resources, and for many small businesses, that is easier said than done. Rentals are simple with easy-to-manage costs that don't affect your taxes near as much. You might even be able to get tax benefits, depending on the business you run.

Renting equipment is an excellent way for small construction firms to keep pace in the market and meet the needs of a wide range of project types. Whether you need a small telehandler to get more wheels on the job site, a massive dozer or anything in between, The Cat® Rental Store can help.

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