7 Tips for Starting a Snow Removal Business

7 Tips for Starting a Snow Removal Business

Starting a snow removal business in the right location can be a profitable decision. Learn how to succeed in this field by following these helpful tips from The Cat® Rental Store team.

1. Decide if It's a Good Choice for Your Location

The weather is an important consideration. If you live in an area that sees significant snowfall, starting a snow removal business can be a great investment. In the right location, you can pay for your equipment and start growing your business quickly.

2. Get the Right License(s)

Snow removal businesses have special rules and regulations to follow, and they often need licenses. Check with the authorities in your area to see what local and state requirements are. Ensure you receive all the correct permits before starting your day-to-day business operations.

3. Check Your Equipment and Supplies

When starting a snow removal business, it's important to take stock of what you have. Your truck should be in good working condition and capable of plowing. Do you have an attachable plow? Do you need ice melt? Ask yourself what you can feasibly attain. Once you determine these factors, you can decide if you're suitably prepared for the upcoming winter season.

4. Determine Your Prices

After considering everything you need to start a snow removal business, you'll have to decide how much to charge your clients. Your operating rate should cover the costs of everything you need, plus labor and overhead expenses. Have a plan in place for accepting cash, mobile and credit card payments.

5. Find an Insurance Plan

Insurance protects your business in the case of loss, damage or injury, specifically those covered by your plan. The insurance you need varies depending on the risk associated with your business. Likely, you will need general liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage if you plan to hire others.

6. Start Small to Secure Clients

Snow removal businesses need clients to help get the word out. While advertising opportunities are also important, word-of-mouth is a reliable way to build a customer base. 

Find residential spaces and small businesses willing to hire you. Do the best job you possibly can for these individuals. These people might recommend you for other jobs. Also, you can likely use them as references when you start to move into large-scale projects.

7. Have a Backup Snow Removal Plan

There might be a day when you can't make it to the job site for one reason or another. Perhaps you've fallen ill or need to deal with a family emergency. Your truck might be getting repaired. 

No matter what happens, it's essential to have a backup plan. Decide if one of your employees can take on the job for you. Ensure you have the resources to get replacement equipment at a moment's notice. Working with a reliable dealer enables you to rent high-quality machinery.

Why You Should Rent Snow Removal Equipment

When you rent snow removal equipment, you can save on upfront costs. Owning and maintaining the machinery you need to run a snow removal business can be a costly endeavor. Focusing on building your reputation and clientele base is critical, so you need to put your energy and money into those sectors first.

Renting snow removal equipment allows you to spend less time on your equipment while still getting the job done. Some of the benefits of renting machinery include:

  • Less maintenance: Full-service teams ensure that all equipment works before your rental period. If the machinery stops functioning correctly, these teams will service it as soon as possible and allow you to use a replacement.
  • Greater money savings: Rental equipment is a convenient way to try new machines for your snow plowing business. You can test new equipment without concerning yourself with upfront costs, insurance or maintenance. Some clients may not require certain services, allowing you to save money overall by renting some machines only when you need them.
  • More specialized jobs: Different tasks require various pieces of equipment. While you might have certain machinery on hand, renting equipment for specific jobs means you can expand your offerings.

Rent Snow Removal Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

We can rent you the snow removal equipment you need for your business. Keep your operations running all season long with our help. Learn more about our snow removal products and schedule a quote by calling 1-800-RENT-CAT or browsing our inventory online. Rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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