Tips to Start a Construction Business Using Rental

Tips to Start a Construction Business Using Rental

As a new business owner, a main goal of yours is to control your expenses and not overextend yourself. You may already have a few machines in your fleet or none at all — which is where renting solutions come into play. Relying on heavy machinery rentals is a cost-effective way to build a foundation for your company. In many cases, it isn’t feasible, or smart, to own all the equipment you need in the beginning. Renting allows you to operate a variety of units to give you a competitive advantage as a start-up business.

With an inventory ranging from compaction and concrete to earthmoving and roadwork engines, The Cat® Rental Store can meet all your requirements. We will show you how to use rental equipment to start a business and what the advantages of renting are.

Take On More Opportunities With Rentals

One of your primary focuses is to get your operations off the ground. Instead of blowing all your money on buying equipment, rental agreements open the door for versatility. Whether you need one unit or an entire fleet, renting provides you the right access and adaptability to commit to a range of projects. Having the opportunity to respond quickly to contracts that fit your niche can place your levels of efficiency above others.

As an upcoming business, you can also embrace rentals as an economic advantage. It’s less financial commitment and added flexibility to help you get more done — and when you’re starting, every moment counts toward your overall success. Your plan ensures you pay for only what you need. The worst situation to happen is buying new or used engines that have more idle time than performance. It’s a waste of time and money for all parties.

You can even plan a production schedule based on your tailored rental agreement and upcoming developments. Having control over your labor and time costs allows you to customize your exact expectations.

Partnering with your local dealer also gives you the chance to work with multifaceted machines. As you work to build a personal fleet over time, outsourcing your equipment requirements to the professionals gives you an open-ended inventory with no commitment. Your agency is available to support your work and help set everything up before implementing your first year of projects. As you take on new opportunities, you need the best supplier to back up your jobs.

6 Benefits of Renting Equipment for New Construction Businesses

Renting can provide numerous benefits as you're trying to launch your company. Take advantage of these helpful construction business tips.

1. Lower Maintenance Costs

Most startup companies don't have extra wiggle room in their budgets for large, unexpected expenses like maintenance and repairs. You can avoid these costs when you rent from a reputable equipment supplier like The Cat Rental Store — we cover them as part of your rental agreement. We'll take care of the upkeep, including replacing worn or damaged parts and performing other essential tasks. We'll also provide on-site emergency repair service to minimize downtime.

2. The Right Equipment for Every Job

As a new construction company owner, you may face a task beyond the scope or capabilities of the machines in your current fleet. Renting provides a perfect solution for this dilemma. You can quickly get the right equipment for the job and return it to the supplier when you've completed the project. 

Accept any job in full confidence you can get it done efficiently with the proper rental equipment. Additionally, you can skip the long-term investment of a purchase on an asset you may only use occasionally.

3. Access to Modern Technology

Heavy equipment technology continues to evolve — today's machines can do more work in less time. They also include the latest safety features to help you create a safer work environment and meet the increasingly stringent emissions requirements. Renting late-model equipment gives you access to these and many other advancements, adding exceptional value to your operations. 

4. Increased Fleet Flexibility

As your business continues to grow, you'll likely need to bolster your fleet to accommodate a heavier project load. Renting enables you to add machines on short notice. You'll be able to keep up with demand without making a long-term commitment. You can also get a quick replacement for a model you're using for another project or one that is in the shop for repairs. You can also free up your company's funds for higher priorities than equipment inventory.

5. More Projects

Short-term rentals allow your company to accept any project by giving you access to the equipment to tackle all kinds of projects. You can assure prospective customers that you have everything you need to handle any task, even if something unexpected occurs after the work begins. 

Also, since you're using technologically advanced machines, you can perform the work faster and more efficiently than your competitors. Your customers can have more confidence knowing you'll keep the project on schedule.

6. Better Planning

Renting can benefit your company even before you dig your first hole or start shoveling a pile of dirt. By incorporating equipment rentals into your business plan, you can demonstrate to financial institutions and potential investors that you understand how to manage costs and prepare for unexpected expenses. 

You'll be more likely to acquire the funds you need to get your operation off the ground and sustain it during those lean times you may encounter in the early stages.

The Convenience of Partnering With The Cat® Rental Store

Combining expertise and understanding with our range of equipment and networking abilities, The Cat Rental Store is here to provide a simplified rental process. As a new business owner, you need reliable solutions and convenient rental agreements. Our specialists offer onsite and online support while delivering the latest tech for every rental unit.

Browse our Cat machines, work tool and equipment from more than 70 leading brands or request a quote online to learn how The Cat Rental Store supports new construction businesses.

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