Benefits of Stone Boxes

Benefits of Stone Boxes

One challenge at many construction sites is how to get rid of the piles of dirt, stone and other debris unearthed during excavation. Stone boxes, also referred to as bedding boxes, enable you to complete this time-consuming but essential task quickly and efficiently. The Cat® Rental Store features a wide assortment of stone box rentals that are perfect for your next construction project.

What Are Stone Boxes?

A stone box is a large steel container specifically designed for holding heavy volumes of debris. Backhoe loader or excavator operators can dump dirt into the box and move it with the same machine when it's full.

Typical stone box features include:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Pull bars that enable operators to grasp the box on either end for easy moving and lifting
  • Internal wear strips that protect the inside of the box against abrasions
  • Side extenders that allow for increased capacity if needed
  • Optional wheel kits for easier transport

The Benefits of Stone Boxes

Stone boxes offer several advantages at construction sites:

  • Save time: These boxes usually provide a faster material handling and moving solution than relying on dump trucks. Your crews can load several full boxes onto a flatbed truck for easy disposal.
  • Convenient: You can place the container exactly where you need it, then haul it away quickly when it's full.
  • Less material loss: The stone box's unique design includes thick sidewalls that reduce the risk of spillage when loading and transporting the materials. You'll be able to move more material in fewer trips, freeing up personnel to work on other tasks.
  • Variety: Bedding boxes come in multiple sizes and configurations — you can find the ideal container for your job site requirements and budget.
  • Dependability: Solid construction means you can use the boxes with confidence for your most challenging material handling projects.

Why Rent Stone Boxes From The Cat® Rental Store?

When you choose The Cat Rental Store as your stone box rental source, you can receive expert product guidance. The team at any of our more than 1,300 locations will help you make the right match for your project requirements and budget. We feature high-quality equipment from more than 70 leading manufacturers, including boxes from Pro-Tec and Safe-T-Shore, to deliver reliable results at your site.

We also offer competitive rates and flexible terms that provide a cost-effective solution for your business. We can even deliver your stone box rental directly to your facility or site for a low cost, or you can arrange to pick it up at the store. Plus, with our 24/7 on-site emergency repair service, you'll have fewer worries about mechanical failures that can result in extensive project delays.

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