Landscaping Equipment Guide

Landscaping Equipment Guide


To run a successful landscaping company, you need access to high-quality and reliable equipment designed for tough earthmoving jobs. It's also important to have peace of mind that the right equipment is available when you need it so you can deliver services on time and maximize your busy schedule.

From compact loaders to excavators to telehandlers, The Cat® Rental Store has a vast selection of heavy equipment designed to meet the needs of a growing landscaping company. With dozens of specialized work tools to browse, you can maximize your equipment rental by making it the versatile machine you need to do the best job possible.

This landscaping equipment guide will help you decide what landscaping equipment to rent, along with which attachments to select for maximum productivity. It'll also cover some of the reasons why renting equipment makes sense for landscaping businesses and tips on how to rent landscaping equipment from The Cat Rental Store near you.

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Top Equipment Rentals for a Successful Landscaping Business

The right rental equipment for your landscaping business can help you streamline projects, increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. With a range of different equipment types to consider, it’s important to consider your business needs, including:

  • The types of landscaping projects you specialize in, from lawn care to land management
  • The size of your landscape projects, such as small residential properties or managing grounds of large institutions
  • The types of landscaping tasks you do, from material hauling to digging to vegetation removal

When considering the above criteria, you’ll be able to choose which types of earthmovers are most suitable for your business. Below, you'll find a variety of landscaping equipment rentals from compact to heavy-duty that can take your business to the next level.

Skid Steer Loaders

A residential landscaping business can benefit from the versatility and compact size of the skid steer loader. Small, fast and easy to maneuver, skid steer loaders are ideal for simple landscaping projects you need to complete quickly. Because they’re easy to transport, workers can bring skid steer loaders to and from projects quickly without the need for a larger trailer.

In addition to being a compact earthmover, skid steer loader benefits include being compatible with a wide variety of work tools and the ability to tackle a range of landscaping tasks. Between land clearing, stump removal, brush cutting and land tilling, skid steer loaders are an essential equipment rental for running a successful landscaping business.

Cat skid steer loaders are four-wheeled loaders built on a rigid frame, making it easy for these machines to traverse a range of terrain, from pavement to rock. Surprisingly powerful for compact equipment, Cat skid steer loaders have up to 110 horsepower with a total load capacity of up to 3,700 pounds.

Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders

Like skid steer loaders, compact track and multi-terrain loaders are compact earthmovers, but they're equipped with tracks instead of wheels. A tracked loader is beneficial for landscaping projects because it provides optimum flotation over varying terrain and can operate in a variety of weather conditions, like ice, snow and rain. Like all compact earthmoving equipment, both compact track and multi-terrain loaders can be equipped with a suite of landscaping work tools, including landscape rakes, stump grinders and more.

While compact track and multi-terrain loaders are similar in appearance, they have a few key design differences, each one better suited for certain landscapes than others. A compact track loader is built with a stiff undercarriage, and while it has superior flotation over rugged terrain than a skid steer loader, the multi-terrain loader offers the best option for working on extremely delicate surfaces, like sod and lawns. The latter loaders have a suspended undercarriage with rubberized components, delivering very low ground pressure.

Wheel Loaders

While the above categories of earthmovers are considered compact equipment, wheel loaders are bigger machines, more suited to larger landscaping projects. These are high-capacity machines able to perform a variety of tasks from moving soil, gravel and landscape material to hauling away debris, branches and brush. 

Similar to a tractor, wheel loaders ride on large, rugged wheels that provide optimum stability and have an ergonomic cab for maximum visibility. With a universal coupler, the wheel loader’s front bucket can be swapped out for other specialized tools, including a variety of landscaping attachments.

Cat wheel loaders are designed for smoother ride quality and reduced vibrations, making them easy to operate for long hours on extensive projects. With Cat technology, operators can maximize productivity, whether the job is grading slopes or digging trenches. Caterpillar also offers a compact version of the wheel loader to accommodate landscape businesses that serve the residential and small commercial markets.

Backhoe Loaders

For growing landscaping businesses, it’s important to maximize your rental equipment to get jobs done faster with fewer tools. These are one of the most versatile earthmovers landscaping contractors can rent. Because they're part loader and part excavator, backhoe loaders allow landscapers to accomplish countless different jobs, including:

  • Moving boulders and rocks
  • Cutting vegetation overgrowth and removing stumps
  • Grading slopes and leveling ground
  • Digging trenches for laying irrigation lines
  • Excavating dirt to install fence posts, ponds and water features
  • Hauling landscape material, including soil, sod and fertilizer

These loaders are a reliable machine in situations where you don’t know what kind of terrain you're up against. Between hard earth and rocky terrain, a backhoe loader can tackle a range of landscapes expertly. Cat backhoe loaders range in size and capacity, from smaller machines with a 24,000-pound capacity to larger models with 29,000-pound capacity.

Mini Excavators

Businesses that take on lot clearing and hardscaping projects can benefit from the power and performance of an excavator. In particular, mini excavators are an ideal heavy equipment rental for landscape contractors because of their compact size and maneuverability. These excavators are also convenient to transport to and from jobs, and their smaller size makes them easy to operate safely.

A mini excavator allows you to prepare your site for landscape installation by removing boulders and rock, excavating tree stumps and piling vegetation and debris for removal. This equipment can dig holes in preparation for installing water features or retaining walls and can help you trench up drainage ditches and irrigation lines. Specialized mini excavator attachments can also help you dig holes for fence and sign posts or tree and shrub installation.

Cat mini hydraulic excavators vary in load capacity from 1 to 10 tons, with dig depths ranging from 5.5 to more than 16.5 feet.


Complete landscaping jobs more safely and efficiently with a telehandler rental. A telehandler is a type of aerial lift that allows you to reach objects at significant heights. In landscaping, telehandlers can be put to use safely pruning and trimming trees. 

These machines have a telescoping boom, meaning workers can adjust them to the specific heights they need. With four heavy-duty wheels, the telehandler machine remains stabilized on the ground, while the boom lifts a basket to the desired height and at the correct angle thanks to its horizontal range.

A telehandler is ideal when working in confined spaces where other machines can’t fit or it's unsafe to use a ladder. When the boom isn’t extended, workers can use telehandlers to move boulders, rocks, material and landscaping supplies around the site. For site cleanup, you can also add a broom attachment, helping you push and pile debris for removal.

Cat telehandlers range in capacity from 6,500 to 11,000 pounds and have a reach of 42 feet or more.

Best Attachment Rentals for Landscaping Companies


To make the most of your earthmoving equipment rentals, you need the right attachments. Cat work tools can transform your equipment rental into a multi-purpose machine that performs a wide range of tough landscaping tasks, such as clearing vegetation, hauling landscape material and removing snow and ice. 

Below are a few essential work tool rentals for a successful landscaping business:

  • Augers: When you need to drill precise holes into hard earth for fence and sign post installations, an auger attachment can deliver the drilling power you need. Cat augers and drill bits are designed to drive into compact dirt and displace earth for a smooth hole. Compatible with skid steer, compact track, multi-terrain, compact wheel loaders and mini excavators, Cat augers are a must-have work tool for landscaping success.
  • Brooms: An important aspect of operating a successful landscaping business is leaving a smooth and professional finished product. With a variety of Cat broom attachments models, landscape contractors have the most efficient tools for cleaning up debris when wrapping up a project. While pickup brooms have an attached hopper that collects dirt and dust for easy disposal, angled brooms help you clean up along precise edges.
  • Brushcutters: When you need to quickly and efficiently remove vegetation while clearing lots or managing landscapes, Cat brushcutter attachments are the tools to get the job done. Attaching to your compact equipment, brushcutters collect thick brush and trees up to 8 inches in diameter, shredding them into a fine byproduct. Cat brushcutters for landscape management provide a 78-inch cutting width for maximum productivity.
  • Buckets: Another must-have attachment is a general-purpose bucket. A smooth-edged bucket allows you to grade and level ground, while toothed buckets allow you to scoop and displace soil, gravel and other material. Whether you need a bucket for a skid steer loaderexcavator or backhoe loader, find all of your material hauling work tools for rent at The Cat Rental Store.
  • Flail mowers: Take your productivity to the next level with a Cat flail mower attachment. Designed to effortlessly clear away vegetation, flail mowers have powerful teeth that shred up ingested vegetation. With a row of safety chains, the flail mower is designed to limit exhaust, making it safe to use in populated areas, including along roadsides.
  • Landscape rakes: Cat landscape rakes are a convenient work tool for job cleanup, soil aeration and ground leveling. Prepare your site for seeding or installing sod with a landscape rake that smooths out the ground, picking up rock and depositing it into the attached hopped. These rake attachments are available for your compact earthmoving equipment, including skid steer, compact track, multi-terrain and compact wheel loaders.
  • Landscape tillers: When preparing lots for planting, it’s crucial to have the right tools that will churn up soil and condition it for healthy plant growth. The Cat landscape tiller is built with tungsten-coated tines that penetrate the hard soil, ripping it up as you cover your working area. These tillers attach to your compact earthmoving equipment, giving you the power and efficiency you need to manage your landscape projects.
  • Mulchers: When your landscaping work involves clearing away swaths of land, dense brush and small trees, you need a reliable mulcher to reduce the overgrowth to a fine mulch byproduct. Cat mulcher attachments are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clear land and maintain a usable product for improved soil quality and plant health.
  • Snow blowers: When you need a powerful way to clear away snow from driveways, sidewalks and paths, Cat snow blowers are an essential work tool for winter landscaping services. Cat snow blowers are compatible with compact landscaping equipment, including skid steer, compact track, multi-terrain and compact wheel loaders.
  • Snow plows and pushers: Two additional seasonal attachment rentals that landscaping businesses need for year-round work are snow plows and snow pushers for compact machines. Both attachments are designed to help you move a large quantity of snow efficiently so you can stay on top of worsening winter conditions.
  • Stump grinders: Keep your landscaping projects safe and productive with work tools like hydraulic stump grinders from The Cat Rental Store. Attaching to your compact equipment, stump grinders are equipped with a rotating blade that you direct back and forth across the exposed stump, grinding it down to ground level. Reduce both stumps and exposed roots to mere chips using the Cat stump grinder work tool that has a cutting depth of 20 inches below ground.
  • Trenchers: When you need to dig drainage ditches or excavate trenches to lay irrigation lines, you need a hardworking tool that will maximize your productivity. Cat trencher attachments for skid steer, compact track, multi-terrain and compact wheel loaders operate using a continuous chain of teeth that dig into the earth in a smooth, straight line. The tool’s side auger displaces dug-up soil to ensure your newly dug trench stays clear.

For more essential landscaping attachments, view all Cat work tools for rent at The Cat Rental Store near you.



Benefits of Renting Landscaping Equipment

In addition to choosing the right equipment and attachments, successful landscaping businesses also need to partner with a reliable rental provider that can support their seasonal needs and help them stay productive.

Renting your landscaping equipment is a smart way to ensure you meet growing demand while reducing overhead costs. By choosing a reliable dental provider, you’ll also get expert advice on which equipment is best for your projects. Below are the top benefits of renting your landscaping equipment.

1. Reduce Overhead Costs

The primary benefit of landscaping equipment rentals is that they can help business owners manage their project budgets by mediating their overhead costs. For small and growing businesses, it's essential to find ways to control operating expenses while maximizing productivity. For landscaping businesses, in particular, having access to rental equipment allows contractors to pay fair market rates for daily, weekly or monthly projects, helping them plan their project budget and provide customers with accurate quotes.

When you rent equipment, all the costs that would otherwise be associated with ownership are rolled into a single fee. Some of the direct costs landscaping contractors can avoid by renting their equipment include:

  • Maintenance, repair and replacements costs
  • Insurance fees
  • Storage expenses
  • Depreciation and disposal costs

Depending on your needs, the rental fee can include the rental amount, delivery and set-up. The only additional cost contractors are responsible for are fuel costs. Renting your equipment from The Cat Rental Store ensures you get well-maintained equipment that's been serviced to maximize fuel economy.

2. Take on More Projects

Landscaping contractors know how unpredictable the busy season is, with increased demand for landscaping, lawn care and land management services. Small- and medium-sized businesses can greatly benefit from the ability to rent high-quality, reliable equipment on-demand. If you currently own and operate a limited number of earthmoving machines but require more support to keep up with customer requests, you can turn to The Cat Rental Store near you to supplement you with the heavy equipment and attachments you need.

By partnering with The Cat Rental Store, you'll be able to take on more projects, allowing you to keep a tight project schedule, remain productive and serve more clients. Rent equipment as needed and have a successful busy season without worry that you’re leaving money on the table.

3. Gain Seasonal Flexibility

Successful landscaping businesses know the importance of adapting their services to meet seasonal conditions. Because landscaping services are so dependent on the weather, businesses can struggle to maintain profitability year-round without access to the right equipment. With such tremendous fluctuations in demand, landscape contractors need savvy ways to adapt their services to meet the demands of the season.

When you partner with The Cat Rental Store, you gain access to a massive selection of specialized equipment and work tools needed during short seasonal windows. Winter attachments like snow blowers, snow plows and snow pushers allow you to serve more customers year-round without having to make a major investment in equipment that remains in storage the rest of the year.

Rent Your Landscaping Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

Take your landscaping business to the next level of success with landscaping equipment rentals from The Cat Rental Store. If you’re wondering how to rent landscaping equipment, The Cat Rental Store is your best resource for professional and experienced equipment rental experts. Our rental equipment specialists will walk you through the process of finding the right type and size of equipment, and the specialty attachments you need to tackle tough landscaping projects productively.

The first step in renting landscaping equipment is to determine the right equipment model for your conditions, whether you need a compact or full-size earthmover or a tracked or wheeled loader. The next step is to decide on the ideal capacity for your project needs, selecting the one that will maximize productivity without being overkill or causing safety risks on site. 

Finally, you’ll need to narrow down your required work tools, whether you need attachments to cut back and remove unruly brush, dig trenches or grade and backfill lots. The Cat Rental Store has everything you need to get up and running on your next landscaping project.

Find The Cat Rental Store near you today to speak with your local landscape equipment rental expert, or browse our earthmoving equipment and fill out a Quick Quote to save you time. Call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information.

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