Is Your Construction Project Taking Too Long? Here's What You Can Do

The construction industry is heavily focused on meeting deadlines. Having the right people and equipment can make a huge difference when it comes to completing projects on time. If you find that construction projects are taking too long, heading to the drawing board to assess your staff and processes might be all you need to get back on track.

Review the details below to see how you can speed up construction projects at any time of the year:

1. File for Building Permits Far in Advance

When taking on an opportunity, complete all necessary paperwork as soon as possible. Construction jobs require property owners and contractors to file for permits to modify, tear down or create a new structure in a given state. Doing your research and getting approval from local municipalities in advance reduces roadblocks when it's time to build.

2. Expand Your Fleet Temporarily

Renting equipment is an excellent way to acquire the resources you need on a short- or long-term basis. Manual labor results in assignments taking weeks or months to complete while a temporary rental agreement allows you to take on new opportunities quickly.

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3. Choose the Right Machines for the Job

Decision-makers can save a great deal of time by renting well-rounded equipment. The Cat Rental Store connects professionals to industry-leading technology from over 70 different brands. Our dealers introduce clients to offerings suitable for digging, trenching, demolitions and material handling.

4. Focus on Training Employees

Your employees can only use machines with sufficient training. Prioritizing instructional sessions helps you to prevent work injuries and unexpected downtime. When crews learn how to start, maintain and operate equipment correctly, they can complete objectives safely and with fewer mistakes.

Routine training programs keep workers up to date with the latest practices of your industry. Review employee qualifications and determine what you can do to level the playing field for maximum efficiency.

5. Delegate Tasks and Communicate

Construction projects call for open communication — your employees can do their best work when they understand their responsibilities. However, your construction projects might be taking too long if you have your crews trying to multitask. It's more effective to organize employees into small teams and identify resources they might need to speed up the process.

For example, project managers might assign one team of employees to perform a demolition job and another to clear the site. Planning assignments out ahead of time enables you to streamline each phase of construction.

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