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Tips for Construction Site Preparation

The construction site preparation process isn't glamorous, but it's essential to the successful completion of the project at hand. So what's the timeline for site prep, and what site preparation equipment is needed? Here's a look at the steps in the preparation process as well as the types of equipment that are useful when preparing a construction site.

The Timeline for Site Preparation

Construction site preparation falls into four broad categories. Here's a look at those four general steps in the construction site preparation process:

  1. Soil and Geotechnical Reporting: This reporting phase of construction site preparation is meant to align the actual site conditions to the recommendations and plans of the design and construction teams. Tests of the soil are conducted during this phase so that the right foundation, slope, groundwater and other decisions can be made.
  2. Clearing and Excavation: Clearing includes the removal of vegetation, and excavation is the removal of soil to make way for the setting of the foundation.
  3. Grading: The grading process ensures that water moves away from the planned structure so that it can properly drain. This phase also includes soil settlement.
  4. Compaction: Before construction can proceed, the soil beneath the foundation must be compacted to the right density for stability. The amount of compaction needed depends on the soil type and conditions. Poor compaction can lead to cracks in the future structure.

There are many smaller tasks within each of these larger steps, of course. And having the proper site preparation equipment during each phase is essential to the successful and timely completion of the project.

Equipment Necessary Site Preparation

A range of heavy equipment may be needed for the construction site preparation process. During clearing and excavation, teams may use excavatorsbackhoe loadersbulldozersskid-steer loaders and other equipment. During grading, teams may lean heavily on motor graders and similar heavy equipment. And, finally, wheeled rollers and other equipment are often used during the compaction process.

Naturally, the right site preparation equipment for your next project ultimately depends on the conditions of the site and its soil. Make sure you seek guidance on the right types of equipment in order to streamline the construction site preparation process and keep your project on schedule.

Rent Your Heavy Equipment

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