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Tips for Construction Site Preparation

The construction site preparation process is essential to the successful completion of the project at hand. So what's the timeline for site prep, and what site preparation equipment is needed? Here's a look at the steps in the preparation process as well as the types of equipment that are useful when preparing a construction site.

What to Consider Before Prepping Your Construction Site

Before you work through the site preparation timeline, you need to consider a range of factors, including:

  • Site access: How will your team reach the site you need to prepare? Think about where to park your equipment, the location of surrounding infrastructure like power lines and how you'll handle deliveries when the time comes.
  • Safety: What potential dangers are present on the site? Assessing the risks and having managers in charge of safety protocols will protect every worker and keep the project running smoothly from the beginning.
  • Scheduling: Do you have a designated team for each step of the site preparation? Make sure you're prepared to use your time effectively.

The Timeline for Site Preparation

Construction site preparation falls into four broad categories. Here's a look at those four general steps in the construction site preparation process:

  • Soil and Geotechnical Reporting: This reporting phase of construction site preparation is meant to align the actual site conditions to the recommendations and plans of the design and construction teams. Tests of the soil are conducted during this phase to make the right foundation, slope, groundwater and other decisions.
  • Clearing and Excavation: Clearing includes the removal of vegetation, and excavation is the removal of soil to make way for the setting of the foundation.
  • Grading: The grading process ensures that water moves away from the planned structure so that it can properly drain. This phase also includes soil settlement.
  • Compaction: Before construction can proceed, the soil beneath the foundation must be compacted to the right density for stability. The amount of compaction needed depends on the soil type and conditions. Poor compaction can lead to cracks in the future structure.

There are many smaller tasks within each of these larger steps, of course. And having the proper site preparation equipment during each phase is essential to the successful and timely completion of the project.

Equipment Necessary for Site Preparation

A range of heavy equipment may be needed for the construction site preparation process. During clearing and excavation, teams may use excavators, bulldozers and other equipment. During grading, teams may lean heavily on motor graders and similar heavy equipment.

Naturally, the right site preparation equipment for your next project ultimately depends on the conditions of the site and its soil. Make sure you seek guidance on the right types of equipment to streamline the construction site preparation process and keep your project on schedule.

Modern manufacturers include technology tools in many of these machines to assist in the preparation process and improve accuracy. When you're looking into equipment, consider these tools and how you can benefit from them throughout your prep timeline. Some other types of equipment necessary for construction site preparation include:

  • Backhoe loaders: Backhoes have both a bucket and a hoe. These two tools allow you to prepare your site in multiple ways, including excavation and material transportation. However, it's also helpful for demolishing existing structures or performing landscaping tasks. Backhoes available in our network include center-pivot models with performance and versatility features.
  • Skid steer loaders: Skid steers are one of the most versatile machines you can have on a construction site. You can use them to bring in or remove materials and debris for site preparation. You can also use them to dig, grade, dredge and drill. Skid steers in our network are high-performing and efficient.
  • Dump trucks: These trucks are vital for carrying debris and other unwanted materials from your construction site. You can also use dump trucks for bringing in materials. They are some of the most valuable machines you can have, and The Cat® Rental Store dealers offer dump trucks from trusted OEMs to help you move loads throughout your construction site.
  • Compact track loaders: Compact track loaders are lightweight, making them a helpful tool during construction site preparation. They are usually multi-terrain, enabling you to use them in several conditions, from mud to dirt, sand and snow. Their attachment compatibility gives them several abilities, including digging and moving materials. The Cat Rental Store dealers can provide several compact track loaders that offer performance-enhancing features.

2 Types of Heavy Equipment for Industrial Site Prep

Preparing your industrial job site for construction ensures the property is ready for the following steps. There are multiple pieces of equipment you might need to complete industrial site preparation.

1. Earthmoving Equipment

The first step in site preparation is excavation. If there are unwanted materials on the site, you can use an earthmover to demolish them and begin the leveling process. Some of the most common types of earthmoving equipment you will need for preparation at industrial sites include:

  • Excavators: Use tracked excavators for earthwork because they are versatile machines designed to perform various jobs, such as digging, cutting asphalt and demolition. These machines are compatible with several attachments to increase their functionality. Some models our dealers carry are frontless, medium and mini excavators.
  • Graders: Prepare an industrial site for paving and construction with the help of a motor grader. You can use these to smooth or slope the dirt and earth how you need them for the building process. The blade between the wheels allows you to create a level surface, an must before starting construction. Motor graders carried by our dealers include models from the Cat M Series, which have durable blades and simple operating systems.
  • Scrapers: Use scrapers to dig and level on industrial construction sites. Scrapers are useful for clearing large swaths of land, such as those for warehouses, factories and other industrial areas. Some of the scrapers in our network include elevating scrapers and open bowl scrapers
  • Tractors: Fill out your site-prep fleet with the help of a multifunctional tractor. These machines are beneficial for land clearing and are compatible with several attachments. The Cat Rental Store dealers have site-prep tractors that can help you with numerous tasks.
  • Compactors: Use these machines to crush soil or waste. Like many earthmovers, compactors can level a job site. You can use a compactor to prepare the land before laying the foundation. The Cat Rental Store dealers carry compactors, ride-on rollers and plate compactors.
  • Bulldozers: Remove the top layer of dirt with a bulldozer. It has an adjustable metal plate on the front to complete this task. It also allows you to complete digging, leveling and clearing jobs at industrial sites. Our network has multiple small, medium and large dozer models to handle whatever projects you have.
  • Loaders: Transport materials and perform excavation with wheel loaders. Models carried by The Cat Rental Store dealers include medium and large wheel loaders.
  • Trenchers: Use trenches to dig ditches for preliminary pipe-laying work. The Cat Rental Store dealers have ride-on trenchers from our trusted OEMs.

2. Material Handlers

Starting work on a construction site involves much preparation and material transportation. Having a material handler available is essential, whether you need to bring items in or remove them from the job site. Material handlers with a boom and work tool attachments are advantageous on industrial prep sites. 

Dealers within The Cat Rental Store network can provide numerous material handlers for preparation at an industrial site. Some of the models available include the M322D MH, MH3027 and MH3049 (2013).

Rent Heavy Equipment for Site Preparation From The Cat® Rental Store Dealers

While many teams engage in construction site preparation, they don't always need to invest in purchasing site preparation equipment. If you need equipment for site prep, consider renting your equipment from The Cat Rental Store. We offer rental options for backhoe loaders, bulldozers, skid-steer loaders, motor graders and much more. You get the performance and capabilities you need without the upfront investment and without the need to store equipment when it's not being used.

In addition to reliable Cat machines, you can find a range of construction site prep rental equipment from other leading manufacturers, like MBW, Synergy and Multiquip. Our equipment experts can help you find the right machines for your job, whether they're Cat brand or one of our 70+ other equipment brands.

Even if you have a collection of site preparation equipment, you may need a specialty machine for a specific purpose. Count on the selection of rental equipment you'll find at The Cat Rental Store. Browse our equipment online or call 1-800-RENT-CAT today to learn more about our equipment rental options.

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