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Tips to Start a Logging Business

Do you want to start a logging business? It's an attractive industry filled with opportunity, but you'll need to take the right steps in order to achieve success. Here's a look at how to start a logging company, as well as general logging industry tips to help you get up and running.

Acquire or Access a Woodlot

You'll need a woodlot for your business, but it's difficult to acquire land — especially when you're just starting out. Instead, look for a place where you can rent a portion of someone else's land. Craigslist and similar online marketplaces are ideal for finding land that's available for you to use as your woodlot. Naturally, the less money you need to invest in your woodlot, the more you'll have to put toward building other aspects of your business.

Get the Right Equipment

This is really important: You need quality equipment to do quality work. You'll find that you need axes, wedges, mauls, chainsaws and maintenance tools for each. You may also need heavy-duty logging industry equipment for larger projects or simply to enhance your overall productivity.

Of course, smaller pieces of equipment (like chainsaws) require a less formidable upfront investment. Consider your options when you're starting out and think through the type of business you're developing before you spend a lot of money on heavy equipment. You can always consider renting heavy-duty equipment as needed rather than buying (more on this below).

Search for Trees

Now that you're starting a logging business, where are you going to find your timber? If you don't have access to a woodlot, one of the best things to do is to search for fallen tree advertisements. When a tree falls on someone's land or at their place of business, they want it removed as quickly as possible — and your business is in an ideal position to do precisely that. Respond to Craigslist and classified advertisements for fallen trees, and you'll start to see your business take off.

Repurpose Your Wood

Once you clear fallen trees and debris, turn them into firewood, boards or planks. This creates another revenue stream for your business that allows you to scale more quickly than otherwise. You may find that you need a delivery truck or vehicle as you resell firewood, boards and planks, but over time this approach can help sustain your business — and ultimately allow it to thrive.

Advertise to Scale Your Business

As noted above, you should proactively look for work by searching for fallen tree advertisements and looking for other opportunities. But you'll also need a marketing and advertising strategy that helps spread the word about your business and services. Consider establishing a website, running pay-per-click advertisements and pursuing other digital marketing opportunities. You may also want to run print advertisements in relevant locations around your service area.

Discover Quality Equipment Rental Options

You don't have to buy all of your equipment as you start a logging business. Instead, consider renting equipment on an as-needed basis so you get to keep more of your revenue and use it to help grow your operation.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we offer a range of rental options, including equipment that's purpose-built for new and established logging companies alike. Follow the logging industry tips above, and browse our selection to find the perfect rental equipment for your projects.

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