Top Seven Uses for a Trencher

Top Seven Uses for a Trencher

A trencher is a valuable piece of equipment for construction companies, utility operations or any business that digs trenches. You can choose a walk-behind trencher, which allows you to dig in confined spaces. Another option is a ride-on model that works well for high-performance applications that require greater digging depths.

Trenchers come in wheel versions with a toothed metal wheel that provides variable cutting depths when working with soft or hard soils. Chain trenchers are also available, with a chain or belt that can cut through harder ground or dig deep, narrow trenches.

Exploring the Many Uses for a Trencher

Trenchers provide a versatile, efficient cutting solution for a variety of applications. Here's a look at the top seven trencher uses:

  1. Irrigation projects: A trencher can create drainage for water and sewer runoff. Trenchers will dig up the soil to enable the installation of a sprinkler system or underground piping. Landscapers also use them when watering large properties.
  2. Utility work: Gas, electric and cable companies rely on trenchers to dig the trenches they need to run wires, piping and cabling. They also use them to dig up the ground to reach objects that require maintenance, repair or removal.
  3. Cutting rock or pavement: Wheel trenchers will create straight trenches in challenging ground conditions. Use them to cut through harder materials like rock, concrete or pavement.
  4. Building French drains: A French drain is a trench that contains rock, gravel or a perforated pipe to direct groundwater or surface water away from an area. Using a trencher for a French drain installation makes the process easier and saves time.
  5. Severing roots: Landscapers, lawn care professionals and lot clearing operations can use trenchers to cut plant and tree roots. Many trencher models have a built-in blade specifically designed for this purpose.
  6. Shoveling dirt: A trencher can assist with small-scale manual shoveling tasks that require reaching a depth of 3-4 feet. A walk-behind trencher is ideally suited for the job.
  7. High-precision cutting and digging applications: The maneuverability and controllability of trenchers make them well-suited for jobs that require precision. One example is when creating a trench in rocky ground.

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