The Types of Asphalt Pavers and Which Fits Your Needs and Budget

The Types of Asphalt Pavers and Which Fits Your Needs and Budget

What type of asphalt paver do you need for your next project? Your best option depends on the kind of job you're taking on, so you need the right resources to make an informed decision. Explore the various asphalt paver possibilities and how they can fit your applications.

Types of Asphalt Pavers

There are two main types of asphalt pavers that contractors typically select from based on their requirements. Some factors that can help you determine the right equipment for your operations include the conditions you work in and the length of the surface you need to cover.

Consider the primary asphalt paver models and find the best choice to match your requirements:

  • Track-mounted: This paver option is a self-propelling piece of equipment with a set of rubber tracks — one on either side. 
  • Wheel-mounted: Depending on its size and capacity, a wheeled paver typically consists of a large set of wheels directly beneath the cab and two smaller wheels in front.

Pros and Cons of Various Asphalt Paver Types

Both paver types bring advantages for specific types of operations. As you select the best equipment for your project, evaluate the specific processes you'll handle and what option will match your specifications.

Tracked Pavers

When you're working on a softer surface, such as in soggy or sandy conditions, a tracked paver may be your best choice. These machines deliver sturdy stability and dependable maneuverability even in tight turns. A tracked paver with a full load brings added weight to the track, providing enhanced traction and making it ideal for steep hills or mountainside applications.

Overall, paving projects for new surfaces will probably be most effective with a tracked paver. This equipment can smoothly pave while delivering the stability to navigate uneven or soft terrain easily. 

Wheeled Pavers

If you have a larger project that requires paving long stretches of asphalt, wheeled pavers offer several advantages. Built for speed, they are highly efficient and can move must faster than tracked pavers. This equipment can also be a significant asset for night work when your crew may have tight time constraints and need to maintain optimal productivity rates.

Wheeled pavers don't deliver the same traction level as tracked models, so they are ideal for projects on existing surfaces. Wheeled pavers are typically effective for overlaying, milling and filling applications.

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