5 Bulldozer Types and Their Uses

5 Bulldozer Types and Their Uses

Drive past any construction site and you're bound to see a bulldozer hard at work. These powerful machines can push large quantities of dirt, sand, gravel, trash and other materials around the job site with ease. You can also attach a variety of blades, winches and other work tools to a dozer to enhance its versatility and productivity.

Many types of bulldozers are available to perform specific job site applications. They also come in multiple sizes to meet any power or handling requirements. The Cat® Rental Store in your area is your one-stop headquarters for finding the right dozer for your tasks, complete with a broad inventory and expert product selection assistance to ensure you get everything you need.

Common Bulldozer Types

Examples of the various dozer models for rent include:

  1. Crawlers: This bulldozer version resembles a tractor. It traverses the ground on tracks, which provide better traction and prevent it from sinking into softer materials such as loose dirt or sand. A crawler will often feature a ripper installed on the rear of the machine, enabling it to break up harder surfaces. Larger crawlers typically move high volumes of materials for applications at road construction sites and mining operations, while smaller models often serve as grading tractors in less demanding earthmoving projects.
  2. Wheel dozers: Unlike their crawler counterparts, these dozers rely on wheels to get around the work site. Wheel dozers are bigger, faster and more maneuverable than crawlers, making them better suited for high-performance applications. One potential disadvantage is their tendency to get stuck when working on softer terrain.
  3. Mini dozers: The smallest bulldozer models are ideal for working in confined areas that are off-limits to heavier, bulkier machines. They're often the best choice at work sites where maximum maneuverability and versatility are essential. Typical applications include sloping, residential lot clearing, backfilling and grading work.
  4. Shiphold/port handling dozers: Caterpillar manufactures a line of dozers designed for maneuvering in and out of cargo holds in commercial vessels and moving a variety of bulk materials.
  5. Mulchers: This specialty version of a crawler dozer features a mulcher attachment for performing forestry, construction and roadwork tasks.

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