Should I Use a Utility Trailer When Moving?

Should I Use a Utility Trailer When Moving?

Moving can require making lots of decisions. One crucial choice is the type of vehicle you should rent to transport your belongings. While a traditional moving van can meet the needs of most people, there are many other options to consider. The possibilities range from small pickup trucks to full-size tractor-trailers. The versatile utility trailer is an "outside the box" solution that can work well in some situations. 

Exploring Your Moving Options

Here's a closer look at the types of vehicles you can select for moving:

  • Private passenger cars: Your automobile can help with your move. You can use your vehicle to transport smaller, more delicate items like jewelry or expensive dinnerware that could experience damage in a truck. 
  • Pickup trucks: With a load capacity limit of around 2,000 pounds, a pickup can provide a convenient, economical solution if you only have a few items to move to or from a dorm room or small studio apartment. You can also save money if you already own a pickup truck or borrow one from a friend.
  • Cargo vans: These vans give you another option for smaller moves. You'll gain a bit more space than a pickup truck, and the enclosed cargo area protects your items from the elements. 
  • Moving trucks: These vehicles are the most commonly used option for moving. They consist of a cab with an attached trailer for hauling your belongings. Moving trucks come in small, medium and large versions ranging from 10 to 26 feet in length. The smallest models can accommodate moves from a large studio or one-bedroom apartment. A midsize truck can handle two bedrooms, and a large unit is the best choice for three bedrooms or more.
  • Tractor-trailers: If you have a high volume of items or are moving to another state or across the country, a tractor-trailer can meet your needs. These vehicles range from 28 to 53 feet long, making them well-suited for moving large households. They also include air-ride suspension systems to provide stability and minimize the risk of damage to your items. Tractor-trailers typically aren't for do-it-yourself moves. You'll need to hire a full-service moving company for the job.

What About Utility Trailers?

A utility trailer is an open-top unit you can attach to a car or truck equipped with a towing hitch. These trailers typically serve the needs of construction companies and other businesses for hauling heavy equipment and large objects. However, their sturdy design and maneuverability also enable them to accommodate bulky household items during a move. Utility trailers are available in a wide range of deck lengths and weight capacities to meet multiple transportation requirements. 

Examples of the items you can haul with a utility trailer include:

  • Household appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and dryers.
  • Large furniture pieces.
  • Small automobiles, motorcycles or utility vehicles.
  • Tall or irregularly shaped objects that won't fit inside a truck or van.
  • Construction or home improvement materials like lumber or stone.
  • Lawnmowers, tractors and other lawn care equipment.
  • Agricultural items like containers of livestock feed or bales of hay.

Utility Trailer vs. Moving Truck

The types of items you're looking to transport can dictate whether a utility trailer or a moving truck is the better choice for your situation. If you're hauling large objects over relatively short distances, renting a trailer gives you a safe, cost-effective solution. They come with tie-down rings that allow you to secure the pieces and prevent them from shifting during the move. 

You can also benefit from using a utility trailer in conjunction with a standard moving vehicle. By transporting your oversized objects separately, you can free up more space in a truck or van for your household items. You'll also avoid issues like fuel or oil spilling from a garden tractor and damaging clothing or furniture. 

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