5 Most Valuable Construction Skills

5 Most Valuable Construction Skills

Construction is a career that requires a unique skill set. Construction work is highly versatile, and workers must be able to handle all kinds of tasks and environments, from navigating tight spaces to working through inclement weather. The result is often impressive buildings and structures that positively impact the lives of others, which also makes it a rewarding career option.

Jobs in construction continue to be readily available, with this being one of the three fastest-growing areas in the industrial sector. So what are the most valuable construction worker skills? Read on to find out if construction is the right field for you.

1. Strength and Endurance

Construction is a physically and mentally demanding job that requires you to tackle everything from heavy lifting to calculating room dimensions. Construction workers must be able to handle strenuous work each day, which includes having proper posture and form to safely conduct the tasks at hand.

2. Mechanical and Building Knowledge

Understanding the mechanics and engineering of what you're doing and having familiarity with the tools and materials required will enhance your ability to complete the work efficiently. There are also many industry-specific terms and general knowledge you need to know to be able to communicate with your coworkers and clients.

If you need to sharpen your technical skills, try training courses and apprenticeships to get the experience you need.

3. Communication

Completing construction work requires multiple teams working in unison. No matter what your role is, you will need to communicate with those around you to get the job done well. Whether you need to ask a question or give directions, clear communication is essential.

Good construction workers possess excellent written and oral skills, as emails, documentation and face-to-face communication are all crucial aspects of the job.

4. Technological Proficiency

Technological advancements in the construction industry continue to be a growing trend. On a construction project, you may be required to work with construction technology such as BIM (building information modeling), construction management software, drones, and even augmented or virtual reality.

Workers who are comfortable with technology and who take the time to become proficient in software, apps and devices that will increase work productivity are indispensable to a construction team.

5. Willingness to Learn

Whether it's new technologies, tools or processes, there is a constant stream of advancements being made in the construction industry. Workers who are proactive in learning about the latest trends and how to implement them have the potential to make the entire team and project more productive.

A willingness to learn also allows you to deepen your skill set with new knowledge and experiences.

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