What a Skip Loader Is and When to Use One

What a Skip Loader Is and When to Use One

Are you looking to add a versatile machine that can handle numerous loading and material handling tasks at your job sites? A skip loader could provide the perfect solution. The Cat® Rental Store near you can offer a high-quality skip loader for rent that delivers the superior performance you demand and deserve. 

What Is a Skip Loader?

A skip loader is a relatively small piece of wheeled equipment consisting of multiple components. Two arms control a front-mounted bucket, and the back typically features a box scraper. These loaders are compatible with an assortment of rear attachments like forks, brooms and mowers to maximize their versatility and value at the job site. 

Operators manage the skip loader's functions from inside a specially designed cab where they can use the arms to raise and lower the bucket, load and unload materials, control the attachments and drive the machine around the site. 

When to Use a Skip Loader

A skip loader can perform many valuable functions for a business, especially when utilizing various attachments:

  • Construction: These loaders can contribute to a more productive construction site by loading and unloading dirt and other materials, backfilling, and spreading soil or gravel.
  • Landscaping: A skip loader can assist with removing soil and green waste generated during a landscaping project. You could also attach a mower for fast, efficient grass-cutting results.
  • Sweeping: Swapping out the box scraper for a broom transforms a skip loader into a powerful sweeping machine for site cleanup and other purposes. 
  • Material handling: Attaching forks to a skip loader allows you to lift and lower heavy loads and transport them over short distances. 
  • Agriculture: Farming operations can outfit a skip loader with a bale spear and use it to move and stack hay.
  • Leveling: The box scraper enables a skip loader to smooth and level a wide range of surfaces for preparation purposes.

What Are the Benefits of a Skip Loader?

Adding a skip loader to your equipment fleet can provide numerous benefits:

  • Versatility: By integrating various attachments, you'll be able to perform many tasks with one machine, which saves time and can lower operating costs. 
  • Easy to use: These loaders are relatively simple to operate and contain cutting-edge technologies designed to significantly improve operating efficiency. 
  • Various sizes: Skip loaders are available in multiple sizes, configurations and lifting strengths, allowing users to find the most suitable machine for their applications and budget.
  • Excellent visibility: The unique skip loader design gives operators a clear, unobstructed view of their surroundings. This enables them to assess the area and spot obstacles more easily. They'll also be more productive. 

The Cat® Rental Store Is Your Best Source for a Skip Loader Rental

The Cat Rental Store in your area can help you find the right skip loader for rent at competitive rates. You'll also receive exceptional service to maximize your customer experience. Call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT or contact us online to request more information and a fast quote today.