What Is Forestry Mulching?

What Is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a process that usually occurs after land-clearing projects. Once you have completed land clearing, you will have leftover vegetation, such as grass, brush and trees. When you have the specialized tools, you can turn the unwanted debris on the ground into mulch immediately. You can complete forestry mulching with one machine.

When the machine mulches the materials lying on the forest floor, it gets left behind as a new layer. 

3 Pieces of Equipment for Forestry Mulching

The main equipment you will need for forestry mulching is a mulcher attachment. However, it will require a machine you can attach it to. Other equipment can create mulch, too, such as brush chippers.

1. Mulcher Attachments

Mulcher attachments are durable equipment designed to clear vegetation. They will shed any organic waste on the floor at your job site, turning it into a biomass product known as mulch. Mulcher attachments from The Cat Rental Store dealers allow you to cut and mulch overgrowth, saplings, trees and shrubs.

Cat® mulcher attachments have functional, rugged heads that can mulch trees up to 8 inches in diameter. They have a dual-speed motor and an adjustable push frame. You can even control the section of the teeth that will do the cutting. The HM418C mulcher has a shank length of 83.5 inches and a working width of 67.2 inches.

2. Skid Steers

The skid steer is an effective machine choice. Skid steers are tough, multifunctional machines designed to work well with various attachments, including mulchers.

Within The Cat Rental Store dealer network, you will have a choice between multiple skid steer models. Skid steers from Caterpillar have large, comfortable cabs to ensure operator safety during work hours, and they have a high-performance power train to optimize productivity. Cat skid steers can work well in multiple terrains, making them an excellent choice for forestry mulching. 

3. Brush Chippers

Another choice for forestry mulching is brush chippers. This equipment operates in a similar way to mulchers. The difference is that their primary purpose is to remove unwanted materials from a job site. In many cases, the chips created from removing shrubs, small trees and branches can become mulch. 

The Cat Rental Store dealers carry several brush chipper models from our trusted OEM partners.

5 Benefits of Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is one of the most practical tasks you can complete. No matter your job requirements, mulching can help you efficiently manage land and vegetation while reducing costs.

1. Cost-Effective

A mulcher attachment allows you to effectively turn the brush and other materials into mulch on the spot. Whether you already have a skid loader or rent one from a dealer, using these two pieces is more cost-effective than bringing in multiple machines, such as bulldozers, tractors and loaders. Renting also allows you to only pay for the equipment when you need it, ideal for those who don't regularly do forestry mulching.

2. Weather- and Terrain-Efficient

One of the benefits of using a mulcher attachment is your ability to rent and use it whenever you need it. Cat equipment is built to handle challenging weather conditions and terrain, meaning your project can continue pushing forward as long as you have the right equipment.

3. Earth-Friendly

Mulch is made from portions of the earth. When you leave these materials in mulched form, you produce less waste while providing a protective layer to the ground. This protective layer made from natural materials can help prevent erosion and foster native plant growth.

4. Efficient Insect Management

Pesky, dangerous and invasive insects often live within overgrowth and tall grasses. When you mulch, you get rid of the area where this type of insect lives and breeds. An example of a potentially harmful species is a tick. Mulching can help reduce and control the population of creatures like ticks and those that pose risks to humans and wildlife.

5. Simplified Land Management

No matter what type of land you are working on, you will need to manage its growth. Unwanted plants can spring up, including weeds. However, a layer of mulch can prevent weeds from growing. Additionally, mulch can aid in the fertilization of the soil. Proper land management is also vital to reduce the risk of wildfires.

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