What Is Telematics?

What Is Telematics?

Construction telematics is software designed to help construction site management. This software can streamline your daily operations and give you meaningful insights regarding the management of raw materials, equipment, safety compliance and laborers. 

 With proper telematics, you can manage your fleet and operators more effectively for higher productivity and cost-efficiency. Getting crucial, real-time data into your business's operations gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the construction industry. 

How Does Telematics Work?

Telematics systems use a combination of GPS technology, monitoring sensors and onboard diagnostics to track, store and report data through cellular networks. This data can offer insight into your fleet's performance. You can monitor the precise location of your equipment, idle times, fuel consumption, machine alerts and more from one accessible database. 

Using telematics allows you to keep closer track of essential processes and optimize your operations. With telematics, you can save money on labor costs, extend your equipment's life and complete projects more efficiently. 

How Did Telematics Originate?

Telematics came from simple GPS location technology. Various industries used it to track equipment, prevent theft and help recover stolen or lost machines. In addition to location details, telematics can tell you engine hours, operating data and diagnostic information. You can also plan maintenance and schedule inspections.

Modern telematics provides owners with information they need to make informed decisions regarding the equipment. 

How Can You Use Telematics in Construction?

Telematics has many applications in the construction industry. Generally, you can use telematics to monitor your fleet closely and optimize processes. With real-time updates regarding your equipment's location, diagnostics and usage, you have the data you need to adjust scheduling and operations accordingly. 

There are many other uses for telematics in construction, including:

  • Maintaining asset lists: Keep better track of your equipment through automatically updated lists.
  • Organizing scheduling processes: Make more accurate schedules based on reliable, immediate data updates. 
  • Scheduling maintenance and inspections: Know when to schedule inspections or maintenance with regular diagnostics updates. 
  • Improving productivity with incentives: Track idle time and incentivize employees for higher productivity. 
  • Optimizing delivery routes: Determine the optimal delivery routes based on reliable updates and accurate tracking data. 

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