What Size Dump Truck Should I Rent?

What Size Dump Truck Should I Rent?

Choosing the right size is important when renting equipment. A few key factors will help you determine the right model for your unique job requirements. 

Use this guide to decide what size dump truck to rent. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dump Truck Size 

Dump trucks are available in a wide range of sizes, depending on the type and model. As a business owner or fleet manager, you may feel you need help determining which one is best suited for your unique job requirements. 

When trying to find the right size rental equipment to choose for your upcoming project, the following are among the key factors to consider:

Job Type

One of the most important factors to prioritize is the type of job or jobs you plan to utilize the dump truck rental for. What are the site conditions like? How much space is there to operate a large piece of equipment comfortably? What materials are you planning on hauling?

Before deciding on the perfect size machine for your next project, you have to consider the scope of the job. The site conditions will also inform which type of dump truck is most suitable. 

For example, a cramped job site would accommodate the size of a standard on-road dump truck better than an off-road rigid haul truck with a massive dump box. 

Truck Body

With an understanding of your applications, you can determine the right type of dump truck for your unique needs. 

Dump trucks fall into two major categories — on-road and off-road options. You can find various sizes, models and types within each classification. 

Consider the configurations of each truck and the types of materials you are moving. For example, an on-road, side-dump truck might be best for jobs that need speed and efficiency for hauling and dumping for site preparations. 

Carrying Capacity

In addition to narrowing down the type of dump truck you need, you will also want to consider its carrying capacity. This factor hugely influences the vehicle's overall size. 

If you require a high carrying capacity, you will likely require a larger dump truck model for the job. The vehicle needs to be able to safely haul the materials without putting too much stress on its suspension and body. 

Consider the materials you will be working with and how heavy each load might be. Use all these insights and work with an expert to determine the right size dump truck rental for your business. 

Benefits of Renting a Dump Truck

Your business can enjoy many advantages when renting heavy equipment, especially as it pertains to equipment size. There is less pressure to get the perfect vehicle with the ideal dimensions when you are renting versus buying. 

You can enjoy the following benefits when renting heavy equipment:

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to narrowing down the perfect size dump truck for your company, renting allows you to try different size models. If you are considering investing in one of these machines in the future, it is important to consider all the sizes available and which one would work best with your various projects. 

With renting, you can test out different dump truck types and sizes until you discover the right option for you. 

Get the Right Equipment for Your Application

Using the wrong dump truck size can impact your project's bottom line. If you were to choose a model that was too small for your project, it would take longer to complete the job and impact efficiency. However, if you were to go with a truck that was oversized for your application, you could end up with serious operational and safety concerns. 

Luckily, you have total freedom and access to various different models when renting equipment, so you can exchange models simply without making a major investment.

Work With a Rental Expert

Another benefit of renting a dump truck is being able to work with an expert who can help you determine the perfect model for your unique applications.

At The Cat® Rental Store, our rental equipment representatives have the expertise to help you find exactly what you need. They will work with you to find the dump truck size and model to boost your project efficiency and get the job done. 

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