What Size Wheel Loader Should I Rent?

What Size Wheel Loader Should I Rent?

A wheel loader, also known as a bucket, front-end or skip loader, is a powerful and versatile machine that can perform many functions at a job site. As the name indicates, these loaders operate on wheels instead of tracks, enabling them to move swiftly over the ground. 

Wheel loaders are standard equipment at job sites in industries ranging from construction and landscaping to forestry and agriculture. Their large front bucket even makes them an excellent choice for removing vast quantities of snow from driveways, parking lots and roads. Examples of the many materials they can lift, carry, load and unload include dirt, debris, rocks, logs and waste. 

Like many types of heavy equipment, wheel loaders are available in numerous sizes, configurations and load capacities to ensure the best match for every job site and task. 

What Determines the Size of the Wheel Loader You Need?

At The Cat® Rental Store, we carry a complete line of Cat wheel loaders for rent to make your loading and material handling jobs faster, safer and more efficient. You'll find various sizes to meet your job site requirements and fit your company's budget, whether you're a small business or a larger operation requiring multiple machines.

Compact Wheel Loaders

The smallest Cat wheel loader class features models ranging from 42 to 121 horsepower and operating weights under 22,000 pounds. Their reduced footprint enables them to work in confined areas with limited room to maneuver. Consider these smaller options if you need to move lighter loads of materials through high-traffic areas filled with other equipment. 

Small Wheel Loaders

These loaders supply more lifting power than their compact counterparts while still being able to operate in tight spaces. They typically provide up to 188 horsepower and have a maximum weight of nearly 42,000 pounds. Specialty machines in this product line include aggregate handlers designed for payloads for these precise mining applications. Small waste handlers are also available for pushing, scooping, dumping and transporting various materials at waste management sites. 

Medium Wheel Loaders

A medium-sized wheel loader is perfect for jobs requiring more power than a compact or small model while still offering sufficient maneuverability. You'll often find them at more open construction sites where they must travel significant distances to keep projects moving forward. These machines have operating weights of up to 60,000 pounds and generate over 400 horsepower. 

Large Wheel Loaders

The biggest Cat wheel loaders are good choices for larger construction projects due to their more robust engines and ability to navigate challenging terrain. They offer enhanced horsepower for maximum speed, lifting, loading and transporting capabilities. Millyard and steel mill arrangement models are also available. 

Attachments for Wheel Loaders

One advantage of choosing wheel loaders for your projects is their compatibility with various work tool attachments. You can adapt the loader to your work environment by changing the bucket to optimize its material handling capabilities. You can also install tools like forks, grapples, rakes, shovels, brooms and stump grinders. 

Adding attachments allows you to use a wheel loader rental for multiple purposes, which adds substantial value to your equipment. You'll increase productivity and reduce operating costs by using one machine to complete various tasks. 

What Are the Benefits of Choosing The Cat® Rental Store?

At The Cat Rental Store, our extensive wheel loader inventory means we'll have the right machine for your applications and budget. Because our loader fleet consists of Cat equipment, you can feel confident that the product will exceed your expectations. All machines undergo regular inspections and receive timely preventive maintenance to ensure they're ready to go whenever you are. 

Work with a local dealer that delivers superior customer service throughout the process. You'll have access to expert product selection assistance to help you determine what size wheel loader to rent based on your project's requirements. You'll also receive guidance when selecting compatible attachments. 

Once you get the rental at the site, you can count on receiving timely repair service to keep your wheel loader on the job and performing well. By maximizing equipment uptime, we'll help you keep your projects on schedule. 

Contact Us With Your Wheel Loader Questions

Do you want to know more about what size wheel loader to rent or have other questions about our rental process? The experienced, professional team at The Cat Rental Store is ready to help. Call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT to speak to a rental representative, or contact us online to request additional product information and a fast quote today.