What Type of Telehandler Do I Need?

What Type of Telehandler Do I Need?

If you engage in construction or agriculture projects that require working at heights, there's a good chance you'll need a telehandler at some point. A telehandler is a versatile four-wheel machine featuring a telescoping boom that extends outward and upward. This unique design enables a telehandler to combine a forklift's lifting capacity with the reach of a crane. You can even enhance the performance of your telehandler with the availability of various attachments. 

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Selecting the Right Telehandler for the Job

Telehandlers come in a variety of sizes and configurations and feature a wide range of lift, reach and load capacities. Knowing what type of telehandler you will need is essential for ensuring the productive and safe operation of the equipment. Factors to consider when choosing a telehandler rental include the weight of the material you will be lifting, where you intend to use the machine (indoors or outdoors) and the existence of challenging job site conditions (uneven terrain, high winds, loose soil, etc.)

What Size Telehandler Do I Need?

Telehandler sizes range from compact to large. The machine's load chart is a valuable resource when determining if it is the right size for your applications. The load chart indicates how much weight the telehandler can lift safely at various heights and reach lengths. The maximum load capacity will vary depending on the degree and height to which the operator raises the boom. Exceeding the capacity can cause a dangerous situation, as it could result in the machine tipping over.

Please see page two of the specifications for the Cat TL1055D Telehandler for an example of a load chart. 

Attachment Compatibility

One of the many benefits of renting a telehandler is its remarkable versatility. Attachments such as forks and buckets will increase the machine's productivity and overall performance. It's imperative to select work tools that fit the specific telehandler model you're using to minimize the risk of damage to the equipment and the material it is handling. 

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