Why You Should Rent a Tree Spade

Why You Should Rent a Tree Spade

Transplanting large bushes and smaller trees is a challenging job that you shouldn't attempt to do by hand. A tree spade is a specialized piece of equipment that makes the task so much easier. Using a tree spade saves time when relocating trees and bushes and minimizes the risk of damage to the foliage and root system. You'll find these machines at nurseries and a variety of forestry and landscaping job sites. 

If you only need a tree spade now and then or for seasonal applications, renting can often provide the most cost-effective solution. Trust The Cat® Rental Store in your area to carry high-quality tree spade rentals at affordable rates. 

How Does a Tree Spade Work?

A typical tree spade design comprises a series of blades that completely encircle the bush or tree. The spade digs into the ground and lifts the tree in its entirety, including the root system and soil (referred to as the "tree ball.") The machine operator can then transport it to a new location for transplanting. Spades come in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate a variety of trunk and tree ball diameters and ball depths. Units with straight or curved blades are available. 

Tree Spade Rental Benefits

Using a tree spade rental for your transplantation tasks offers several benefits:

  • Saves time: Without a tree spade, workers would have to manually dig a trench around the tree or bush and attempt to dig out the root system by hand. This is a time-consuming process that requires skilled labor. A tree spade can do the job faster and with fewer laborers.
  • Minimizes the risk of damage: Tree spades increase the likelihood of a clean, efficient extracting, transporting and transplanting process, which contributes to a higher survival rate for transplanted trees. Using this tool also reduces the chance of damaging the surrounding trees, bushes and plants.
  • Preserves the environment: Using a spade to relocate trees offers a more eco-friendly alternative to cutting them down. It also enables the transportation and transplantation of trees planted in a nursery to a permanent location where they can provide a host of environmental and aesthetic benefits.

Why Should You Rent a Tree Spade From Us?

The Cat Rental Store offers high-quality tree spades for rent from leading manufacturers that can accommodate a wide range of trunk and ball diameters and ball depths. Our experienced product specialists will be happy to help you with the selection process. We take care of all repairs for the full duration of your tree spade rental. With our flexible terms, we can make renting work for any budget. We'll even deliver the machine directly to your job site.

Check Out Our Tree Spade Inventory

We invite you to browse our current selection of tree spades for rent. If you'd like more information, we're available 24/7 at 1-800-RENT-CAT or you can contact us online for a fast quote.

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