Why Use Compact Equipment on Your Next Project?

Why Use Compact Equipment on Your Next Project?

Compact construction equipment provides a unique set of benefits from its heavier counterparts. When deciding what products to use on your worksite, it helps to understand each type's advantages.

Heavier models tend to offer greater power than compact machines, but compact models provide high utility. The right balance of heavy and compact machines can improve your efficiency and profits. Consider these seven factors when choosing compact equipment for your next project.

1. Maneuverability

Due to the small size and lightweight construction, compact equipment works well in tight spaces. Compact models offer features such as offset digging and 360-degree turning that make them easier to control in small areas. High-quality compact equipment offers enough power to complete many jobs in tighter spaces compared to heavier models.

2. Fuel Costs

With compact construction equipment, you can save on fuel costs. The smaller design allows these models to use less fuel than average while moving across the job site. You can also tow compact equipment with fuel-efficient vehicles for even more savings.

3. Noise and Impact

In situations that require a lower impact on the surrounding area, consider using compact equipment. These products tend to generate less noise than larger models and help create a quieter environment. They also offer lower ground pressure when you need to preserve nearby turf. 

4. Ease of Use

The small size and light weight of compact equipment make it easy for operators to control. A compact model fits better in small spaces and offers precision steering for the best results. It also takes less time to load, helping you save on labor costs. Depending on the model and the operator's experience, it can also take a shorter amount of time to learn how to use a compact model.

5. Licensing

Depending on the models you use, you could save on labor and licensing costs through compact equipment. A compact machine's lower weight makes it transportable on smaller hauling vehicles. With a lighter load to carry, the vehicle can be operated by a driver with a chauffeur's license instead of a commercial driver's license. These requirements can make staffing more versatile for your equipment hauling.

6. Attachment Selection

Like its heavier counterparts, compact equipment works with plenty of attachment types. You can perform multiple tasks with the same machine, saving on equipment costs. Choose from a wide range of attachments that complete jobs across hardworking industries.

7. Rental Options

When you decide to rent compact equipment, you get to pick from a variety of options suited for various jobs. Ask your local Cat® representative about your choices.

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