What It's Like Working in Construction

What It's Like Working in Construction

Are you considering seeking employment in the construction industry? You'll become one of the millions of men and women in the U.S. and around the world who make their living in this challenging but rewarding trade.

While working in construction has many benefits, like any occupation, it isn't for everyone. In this post, we'll provide some information about the profession to help you determine if it's right for you.

You'll Find a Variety of Career Paths

A quick search of available construction jobs reveals a broad range of career options. Examples of the various occupations include general laborers, carpenters, pipefitters, electricians, heavy equipment operators and inspectors, to name a few. Workers with management aspirations can become project engineers or construction superintendents.

It's Hard Work

Many construction jobs are physically demanding, which means that workers must be in reasonably good shape. These roles require long hours of standing, walking, lifting, bending and dealing with dust and noise. The projects often have tight deadlines, which can lead to stress and the need to work lots of overtime to keep the job on schedule.

No Two Days Are Alike

A career in construction can appeal to individuals who don't like sitting in an office and staring at a computer screen. You'll travel to different job sites and each job will pose a unique set of challenges. The fast pace can make the days fly by, even when working long hours.

Some Jobs Require Substantial Training

Some construction jobs, especially general laborers, don't require a lot of experience — a strong back and the ability to work hard are the primary qualifications. On the other hand, if you want to become a heavy equipment operator, you'll need to get certified on the machine you'll be using. Certification requires many hours of training to ensure you can use the equipment correctly and safely.

Jobs such as plumbers, carpenters and electricians typically require completing a trade school program. If you want to pursue a career in construction management, you'll need to increase your industry knowledge and develop strong supervisory and leadership skills, which requires more education.

It Can Be Dangerous

Construction poses a variety of hazards. Falls, back injuries from lifting heavy objects, electrocutions and equipment-related accidents are just a few examples of the many risks and dangers that construction workers face every day. Having a safety-first mindset and adhering to all safety guidelines is essential for preventing workplace injuries.

There Is a High Satisfaction Level

If you enjoy seeing the results of your hard work, a career in construction can be extremely satisfying. You'll derive pleasure from helping to transform an empty lot or piece of land into a new home, office building, retail shop, factory, school or medical facility.

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